The quality control of PCB circuit boards

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-21
PCB PCB quality control working mainly for PCB design, machining and inspection process for the effective management and monitoring and measurement. 1, the quality control in the design phase of the design phase of the quality control work mainly includes the following content. ( 1) Project director for printed circuit board design document review and performance of the relevant examination and approval procedures, to ensure the design document legally effective. According to the documents of printed circuit board can satisfy the requirement of the function and performance of the equipment, otherwise, design also is good again waste a pile. ( 2) Standardization division of printed circuit board test points, structure form, dimension, printing and production line layout, welding plate away, L, character design for regulatory review to ensure testability and fairness of the PCB, as far as possible to meet the relevant national standards, national military standard and industry standard requirements. ( 3) Project director and craft requirements for printed circuit board production process control, to ensure the manufacturability of PCB. Technological requirements if the simple list can be directly on the drawing, if the content is more written separately. Either simple or complex process requirements, should be accurate, clear, clear show that processing requirements. The technological requirements of the audit should be both can satisfy the production technology level, economical and practical, cost-effective and convenient subsequent assembly, debugging and testing process, such as. Blind buried orifice ( Printed circuit board) 2, PCB circuit board PCB PCB processing quality control circuit board processing phase of quality control work mainly includes the following content. ( 1) Quality department under the State Council in conjunction with the purchasing department of PCB circuit board manufacturer's qualification, production capacity and so on carries on the on-the-spot investigation and certification, to ensure the PCB circuit board manufacturers have the ability to complete production tasks. ( 2) Designer to drawing of PCB circuit board manufacturers use to review again. As a result of the design of PCB are not a success, need to redesign for many times. PCB circuit board manufacturers hand can have multiple versions of the processing drawings, so it is necessary to reconfirm the final processing drawings, to ensure the processing PCB is accord with the requirement of the final version. ( 3) Production should focus on the key process of printed circuit board. The quality of good or bad influence on the performance and reliability of the PCB is very big, should strengthen the quality control. Monitor and review the manufacturer of the key process procedures, such as etching, hole metallization process, ensure the printing line and solder without burr, gap, bridging defects, via nodules and empty. 'Laminated' multilayer printed circuit board also should focus on quality control, ensure that the thickness of the PCB, bond strength and positioning accuracy. High-frequency plate and microstrip usually need to gold-plated, gold-plated should formulate special process wi, to ensure that the thickness of the coating and purity. 3, check the quality control of the quality control inspection phase, the phase is in strict accordance with the inspection basis, through the visual or use special tooling and equipment, to monitoring and measurement of PCB, and save the record. If you have special requirements, should formulate special acceptance inspection rules.
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