The Basics of Services Offered by PCB Manufacturers

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-15
A printed circuit board is often referred to as a PCB. This device is widely used worldwide for supporting and connecting various electronic components that are often embedded or fixed on its surface. There are a number of noted PCB manufacturers that put in cutting edge technologies for producing these devices. The various electronic components are connected using conductive routes or tracks that are etched from copper sheets or conductive inks. All of these components are laminated on a surface that is non-conductive. In some cases, this device is also referred to as a printed or etched wiring board. Right from everyday use products to highly complex devices, you will find PCB being used in myriad of applications and devices. A PCB that comprises multiple electronic components and circuits is often referred to as an assembly. These devices are considered to be a much better alternative to techniques such as wire wrap and point to point construction. The wire wrap technique is often used in cases where the electronic items are subject to excessive vibrations or movement. In the wire wrap technique, the circuit is less prone to failure. On the other hand, point-to-point construction is a technique wherein screws or nuts were used for holding wires on a ceramic board. However, corrosion is a problem in this case, resulting in a loose connection. Besides, it is a task that is mostly carried out manually. Owing to certain disadvantages in both these techniques, PCB emerged as a preferred option. PCB manufacturers can produce several assemblies in a short span of time. In an era of mass production, this technique has proven to be very favorable. A PCB is the best solution for high volume production because it provides a more economical solution in the long run. The initial set up costs are higher as the entire circuit needs to be meticulously designed and then etched and assembled. However, once the initial set-up is completed, producing multiple units becomes very easy as the soldering and production stages can be easily automated. PCB manufacturers usually make use of conductive materials such as copper or other specially made chemical inks. Since the board needs to be made of a non-conductive material, ceramics and fiberglass is highly preferred. In a number of high volume production runs, silk screen printing is a common method. This is a process that can be carried out in a short span of time and in relatively lower costs. Every little aspect of this process from drilling miniature holes to the lamination process needs to be carried out with utmost perfection. That's precisely why PCB manufacturers should be chosen carefully. It is prudent to choose a firm that has enough experience in similar projects and has a reliable track record.
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