technology : paper circuits fresh off the press

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-11
Mark Ward printed circuit board was brought to their logical conclusion by British researchers who printed the circuit board on paper with conductive ink.
David Harrison, blue Ramsey, and Peter Evans of Brunel University near London are using ink and glue sown with silver particles to conduct electricity and create several work loops.
Harrison said the organization is working to reduce the production cost of the circuit board and make the production process more eco-friendly. High-
He says bulk printing methods like flat print can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
Printing is also more conducive to the environment than existing manufacturing technologies where boards must be coated with copper and etched with acid or ammonia.
Mixing paper with polymer can eliminate the risk of the circuit board exploding when the current flow is out of date.
Brunel group worked with local companies to create a fully working paper version for digital thermometers and phones.
Printing circuits on paper can make some devices cheaper, Harrison said.
Printing can also reduce the number of components used in the circuit.
For example, printing a line that is bent over and over produces a resistor.
Paul Comer, technical director of printed circuit board manufacturer Graphic, noted that some companies have printed circuits on ceramics.
For modern circuits, it may be too rough to print on paper, he said.
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