playing pop music via paper posters with conductive ink

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-21
Paper posters for playing music with printed circuits made of conductive ink have been unveiled.
The prototype of the \"after listening\" poster is a guide to local band performances.
The interactive poster plays a short film of the band\'s music while pressing the thumbnail.
Tickets can also be booked through posters.
The inventor of the poster said that the low cost of printing means that anything that uses paper or cards can quickly become more interactive.
This is one of several \"paper apps\" developed by a consortium of British scientists, musicians and researchers, presented on the southwest show in Austin, Texas.
Liverpool manager Peter Thomas
Based in a unified organization to help cooperate
The poster was created to explore new ways to interact.
He said this could be a way to solve the problem of \"information tension\" in modern times.
\"People have been filled with information all the time, especially in music, which is a way of running through all the information,\" he said . \".
\"We\'re trying to regain some of the tactile experiences you \'ve gained with vinyl records.
\"Compared to digital media, the user\'s response to physical media is very different, especially in terms of music,\" Mr Thomas said . \".
Interactive paper and packaging may mean that many media are back in the real world and are no longer just accessible online, he added.
The group also developed postcards containing samples of music that can be played through paper players.
Posters and postcards are the results of a collaborative study with Cambridge Novalia (
Methods for printing conductive ink have been developed)
Musicians Kim Creosote and Dr. Jon Rogers from Dundee University were found.
Mr. Thomas said the development is great.
The scale production technology of printed circuits on packaging, posters and other paper media is accelerating.
The work of the shrink circuit boards is also in progress, so they can also be incorporated into the printing process.
The poster combines printed conductive ink traces with a small board and a small amount of memory.
The paper cost is low and the conductive ink can be applied through a normal printing machine, which will push adoption very quickly.
\"It will take a few years for us to see smart paper as a truly meaningful proposal, but it will certainly happen,\" he said . \".
\"Music is the focus of our attention, but it\'s just the tip of the iceberg.
\"Future versions can contain network connections in order to update packages, posters, and magazines.
One use may be to make a real-world \"like\" tag that can be placed on any object and recorded when it is pressed.
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