PCBA processing desoldering technique and everyday problems

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-02
With the development of market economy, all aspects of life, the growth of PCBA processing may everyone for this kind of is not very understanding, the topic of today to talk to you about PCBA processing, you know what methods desoldering PCBA processing? What common problems? And the Rocket PCB factory below small make up together to understand the detail. 1. The basic principle of PCBA processing desoldering: be sure to find out the original before desoldering the characteristics of the welding points, don't start work. ( 1) Desoldering not damage when the PCB circuit boards, Multilayer printed circuit board) On the bonding pad and printed wiring; ( 2) No damage to dismantle electronic components, wire and surrounding components; ( 3) To determine the damage of electronic components, can be cut first pin removed again, can reduce the damage; ( 4) Try to avoid moving the position of the other components, such as necessary, must be prepared to work. 2. PCBA processing desoldering's priorities: ( 1) Strictly control the heating temperature and time, avoid high temperature damage to other components. General desoldering is taking longer than when the welding time and temperature. ( 2) Don't overexert desoldering. Device packaging strength under high temperature, a force of twist, 揺, will damage the components and welding plate. ( 3) Drain down the solder on the solder joints. Can use suck suck solder tin tools, reducing components directly unplug, desoldering time and damage to the PCB circuit board ( Multilayer printed circuit board) The possibility of. 3 PCBA SMT processing. Desoldering method: ( 1) Concentrated desoldering method due to the discharge resistor is separated from the welding, each pin is very difficult to remove after it use electric heating at the same time, can use hot air welding rapid heating several welding points, after waiting for solder melting one-time pull out. ( 2) Equinoctial desoldering method for horizontal installation the resistance capacity of components, two solder joint distance is far, can use soldering iron equinoctial heat, point by point. If pin bent, with welding head pry straight after dismantled. When the desoldering, the PCB circuit board, Multilayer printed circuit board) Erect, electric heating to dismantle components of the pin solder joints, with forceps or long nose pliers clamp components gently pull pin. ( 3) Cut on the solder joint desoldering method were removed components pins and wires for allowance, or identify components damaged, can be the first components or wire cut, then the thrum of the welded plate removed. ( 4) Keep desoldering method with suction tin welding point to learn first were removed soldering. Generally can remove components. If more pin electronic components, can be heated by means of electronic heat fan. If it's lap welded components or pin, can with flux on the solder joints, open solder joint with electric welding, components of the pin or wire can be removed. If is hook welded components or pin, with solder, soldering iron removal of solder joint with electric heating, will hook under the residual solder melt away, at the same time must be on the hook line direction with the shovel cocking pins. Pry not overexert when, to prevent the eyes will have melted solder or clothes. 4. When the PCBA SMT processing after desoldering welding problems that should be paid attention to, 1) Through blockage of welding plate hole; ( 2) Moving components of restorable. ; ( 3) Will return pins and wires welded components as far as possible consistent with the original.
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