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by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-07
Advanced Circuits has three most Advanced PCB manufacturing plants in the United States with various functions, qualifications, certifications and expertise to meet the most demanding requirements of pcb.com/hdi-pcb' target='_blank'>hdi pcb manufacturing. Our extensive PCB manufacturing capabilities support all industries ( Including medical, aerospace, defense and commercial markets) Strict requirements for advanced hdi pcb design. Advanced Circuits support up to 40 layers of plates, laser drilling micro-through holes, stacking micro-through holes, blind holes, buried through holes, through holes in pads, laser direct imaging, sequential lamination ,. 00275 'trace/space, fine spacing as low. 3mm, controlled impedance, etc. Advanced Circuits can produce hdi pcb without minimum ordering requirements and have flexible turnaround time options. Each design will be reviewed in detail by our CAM engineers before production to ensure a worry-free manufacturing process and support the team 24 hours a week from Monday to Friday or even Saturday to four o'clock P. M. eastern time, to assist your hdi pcb order. Hdi pcb uses advanced lamination materials, which are thinner than those used in traditional printed circuit boards. Because hdi pcb requires higher precision, manufacturing precision and overall performance, special materials meeting specific specifications are required. Advanced Circuits offers a variety of material choices for various hdi pcb board specifications from top industry suppliers, such as 3 M, Arlon, Bergquist, Isola, Rogers, ITEQ, Taconic, Ventec, etc. You can rely on Advanced Circuits, one of the largest PCB manufacturers in North America, to provide materials for your next generation hdi pcb design. Our laminate products include: ultra low loss, halogen-free, high speed digital, high thermal reliability, lead-free and high TG RoHS-compliant
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