PCB manufacturer: teach you how to use CAM350 to see gerber data

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-04
Many circuit board manufacturers know the business and technical personnel, with the generated after the circuit board gerber file, can through the gerber file tools or software to view, edit, Cam350 is a can put the PCB gerber file and the file conversion output by the row change editing software, to facilitate PCB manufacturer can meet the requirements of the customer circuit board production, is aided manufacturing role. But for circuit board design engineers, not necessarily generate gerber files, you can directly send PCB layout drawing to circuit board manufacturers, at the back of the production process is the manufacturer. But, for circuit board manufacturers to generate gerber file, can through CAM350 need to check whether the process requirement. Well, the next Rocket with everybody know about the PCB circuit, how to use cam350 gerber data. A, download CAM350 software ( I was 10. 5 version) , after installed, generates a shortcut, double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the software. CAM350 acdsee, import the geber files. The File files - — The Import Import - — Autoimport automatically import - — Open automatically import window choose file - — Find the geber files - — Click Finish to complete, PCB data import is completed in the main interface can see drawings of circuit board. Cam350 guide choice PCB gerber data in cam350 software, as shown, can view the circuit boards of each layer, double-click can switch to the specified layer. Gerber data open circuit board drawings attached gerber file of each layer said GTL & # 8212; The top toplayer GBL & # 8212; Bottomlayer underlying decision & # 8212; TopOverlay top silk screen layer GBO & # 8212; Bottomlayer GTP & # 8212 made the bottom screen printing layer; TopPaste top table paste ( Do laser template) GBP— BottomPaste the underlying table stick GTS & # 8212; Topsolder top resistance welding ( Also known as the tin/green oil, negative) GBS— BottomSolder bottom resistance welding G1 & # 8212; Midlayer1 running internal layer 1 G2 & # 8212; Midayerr2 running inside the layer 2 GP1 & # 8212; InternalPlane1 plane 1 ( Negative) GP2— InternalPlane2 plane 2 ( Negative) … GM1— Mechanical layer 1 Mechanical1 GM2 & # 8212; Layer 2 Mechanical2 machinery & # 8230; GKO— KeepOuter ban wiring layer GG1 & # 8212; DrillGuide guide drilling layer GD1 & # 8212; DrillDrawing drilling layer GPT & # 8212; ToppadMaster top-level main welding plate of GPB & # 8212; BottompadMaster main welding bottom plate
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