PCB manufacturer: PCB should not be neglected in the design of the power of 5

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-04
As a power engineer, the most important is circuit board manufacturer in power supply design of PCB design, and pay attention to what points? Rocket PCB factory below small make up and we learn together, a total of a variety of power engineer experience, PCB should not be neglected in the design of the power supply of 5. Only in the design of power supply for PCB design steps: 1. First of all is to have a reasonable direction as the input/output, ac/dc, strong/weak signal, high frequency/low frequency, high/low pressure, etc. They should be inline (the direction of the Or separation) And may not blend. Its purpose is to prevent mutual interference. Best is linear, but generally not easy to achieve, is the most unfavorable to ring, fortunately can bring improvement of spacing. For dc, small signal, low voltage circuit board PCB design requirements can be lower. So 'reasonable' is relative. PCB circuit board 2. Choose good location: ground is often the most important small ground how many what it did for engineering and technical personnel, it serves to show its importance. Usually require total points, such as: the forward amplifier of multiple ground should meet and then connected to the main land, and so on. In reality, due to various restrictions it is hard to do it completely, but should try to follow. In practice, however, this problem is quite flexible. Everyone has its own set of solutions. As for specific circuit board to explain is easy to understand. 3. Reasonable arrangement of power filter/decoupling capacitor usually only in the schematic diagram to draw several power filter/decoupling capacitor, but they can not point out their respective in where. Actually these capacitance is for switching devices ( Gate) Or other need to filter/decoupling components, set up by the arrangement of these capacitors should be close to these components, are far too, there is no work. It is interesting to note that when the power supply filter/decoupling capacitors layout reasonable, the pick up location problem is less obvious. 4. Have asked line has exquisite, wire diameter, buried Kong Tong hole size appropriate conditional wide line will never be fine; High pressure and high frequency line should park slippery, must not have sharp Angle, corner also shall not use right Angle. Earth wire should be wide, it is best to use large area apply copper, the docking site problems has considerable improvement. Welding plate hole size is too small, or crossed the line or pad size and borehole size mismatch. The former against artificial borehole, the latter against nc drilling. Easy to solder drill into 'c' shape, or drilling off welding plate. Wire is too thin, and a large area of no Settings apply copper wiring area, easy to cause uneven corrosion. When not wiring area after the corrosion, corrosion too thin wire is likely, or seems broken is broken, or completely broken. So, Settings apply the role of copper is not only increase the ground area and anti-jamming. 5. Hole number, solder joints, linear density although some questions occurred in post-production, but it is in the design of PCB, they are: the thread hole is too much, sink copper process will be affected by any carelessness. So, should reduce as far as possible in the design of the thread hole. Synthetic parallel line density is too large, easily when they are welded together as one. So, linear density should be depending on the level of welding technology. Solder joints of the distance is too small, go against manual welding, only to solve the welding quality in order to reduce the work efficiency. Otherwise will leave hidden trouble. Therefore, the determination of the minimum distance spot welding personnel must be taken into account comprehensively the quality and working efficiency.
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