PCB circuit boards printed circuit symbol and identification methods

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-21
Almost all of the printed circuit were required to be printed on the PCB circuit board, must have the name, in order to identify components, circuit, the test point and the PCB itself. Circuit board factory in this area is also attaches great importance to, with curiosity, we walked into the circuit board factory, to understand the understanding and small printed circuit marks and identify the relevant knowledge. In PCB circuit board production, the name can be printed after the PCB etching, or at the same time of etching circuits etched out. If later on, it is usually printed by screen printing process, or chop chop. In any case of the two cases, in order to ensure electrical and chemical characteristics, must be carefully selected materials. Considering the principle and some additional process steps involved, designers usually on its photographic reproduction has a name, and at the same time of etching circuits etched out. Although the name is electrical conductivity, but generally he does not cause problems, the name of the writing should be small to both can withstand etching and can clearly visible. The thickness of the copper foil, name relative to the location of the wire will decide: etching the name will be how much damage. When using 2 oz 3 ounces of copper foil, name is small to come to see not clear. PCB circuit boards in order to facilitate testing and servicing a PCB assembly, and easy to control drawings to visual inspection, assembly components reference name marks should be considered. In addition to reference name marks, it should be pointed out that the polarity of the capacitor and a diode, should be marked as close to its mounting holes, where the place component reference name and polarity should be completely visible. Dual-in-line integrated circuit 1 fuses should always be indicated, 6, 8, 10 or 12 leads TO - Integrated circuit type 5 should also be marked. Nature of the printed circuit board should be two different signature, because the electrical components before assembly, maker to machining and plating, PCB, it will be using the file and need a method to identify the PCB. One is the PCB printed circuit board manufacturing drawing no. ( The original number) And the other one is the serial number of PCB printed circuit board assembly should also be on the component side, electrical components in the component assembly, on the one side replacement spare components, often also in the test and maintenance. Number should always click ASSYNO continue to spin. In addition to search, PCB assembly parts must be numbered consecutively, if space permits, can show your company name on the PCB all these requirements with etched foil method are easy to make up. Rocket PCB as a professional manufacturer of the PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board factory, HDI circuit boards, circuit boards, blind hole buried thick copper PCB, high frequency circuit board production, so for the mark and the identification of small knowledge of printed circuit boards, believe that you have learned a lot, learn a little every day, you will be the Rocket PCB circuit have a deeper understanding of oh!
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