Nanometer material science manufacturer of circuit board production

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-07
You must have heard of nanotechnology, nanotechnology has also been gradually covered our lives, then where is the mystery of the nanometer materials science? What are the implications for PCB production manufacturer? Let us together to witness about nanometer materials science circuit board manufacturers of shock to us! Centered on at present, the general development trend of nanometer materials, the development of high-level nanometer system is closely related to the physical and the application of nano technology, its popularity level development to derive the application of nanometer material engineering and related fields. Nanotechnology from PCB factory area & # 8221; Upside down deeply done & # 8221; Trend is not impossible, circuit board production producers can calm! To reduce PCB substrate dielectric constant using nano-materials modified epoxy resin, polyimide Lei lower dielectric constants of materials are reported. Cases of polyimide nano foam the epsilon & lt; 2. 4. Improve mechanics performance with the decrease of the particle size, surface area of the material increases, the surface atoms in the material proportion is more and more big, at the same time the particle's surface energy and surface tension is increased, the activity of surface atoms is higher than in the lattice atom, the surface of the nanoparticles have many dangling bond, and is not saturated, so it is easily combined with other atoms and stability, thus has a lot of chemical activity, and these things we circuit board production manufacturer in the field of high technology and need to focus on the circuit board factory. Than the relationship between surface and particle size of solid particles are as follows: Sw = K/( ρ×D) Sw surface shape factor m2 / g K rho theoretical density D particles, the average diameter of nanometer materials can improve the mechanical properties of epoxy resin, and can accelerate the curing speed, lower curing temperature, combining with the environmental protection development of CCL, this circuit board manufacturers of production for us is really a big shock! The application of nano technology in PCB industry environmental protection applications of nanotechnology can solve the SO2, CO, NOX pollution sources such as gas, such as nano titanium cobalt acid catalytic deoxidization, composite nano-sized powder of rare earth compound REDOX ability strong, can completely solve CO, NOX pollution, the production of circuit board manufacturers have in the production of circuit board also should try to be environmentally friendly. Activated carbon as the carrier, nano Zr0. 5Ce0. 5 o2 powder body purification catalysts for catalytic activity, due to its surface Zr + 4 + 3 and Ce + 4 / Ce/Zr + 3, electrons can pass between the third price and tetravalent ions, have extremely strong electron gain and loss reducing ability and oxidation, and nanometer materials is larger than the surface, the space hanging keys, adsorption ability, can reduction nox and CO oxidation, making them into harmless gases, nanometer TiO2 biodegradable harmful organisms in the air. In nearly a decade in nano materials research has made great achievement, has succeeded in preparation of metal, alloy, ion crystal, ceramic, oxides, nitrides, semiconductor and so on many kinds of nanometer materials, found with small size effect, interface effect, quantum size effect and quantum confined, dielectric confined effect related to the new phenomenon, make us a place in the world. As PCB field, more concerned with the application of nanometer materials science, our PCB production manufacturer also is such, very care about the results of this application in the field of nanotechnology. PCB manufacturers have to see if the above nanotechnology materials was very impressive? Who says we PCB factory can't do? Is a dream to some, one thousand achieved?
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