How to remove solder paste printing on the PCB board by mistake

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-02
In solder paste printing, low viscosity of the solder paste can also cause printing defects. Viscous moderation, high temperature or high speed scraper printing machine running, can reduce the solder paste viscosity in use, if there is excessive deposit solder paste, can cause PCB SMT processing and printing defects and bridge. For high density spacing stencil, if caused by thin steel net cross-section bending pin between damage, it will cause the solder paste deposition occurs between pins in printing defects. Solder paste printer exists defects of printed circuit board to remove the solder paste printing by mistake, the next Rocket PCB factory small make up to you to introduce how to remove excess solder paste printing on the PCB board by mistake. With a small shovel shave is way to solder paste removed from the PCB printed by mistake may cause some problems. Generally feasible way is to miss the printing plate into a compatible solvent, put some kind of additives such as water, then small beads with a soft brush to remove from the board. Would rather repeated immersion and wash not violent dry brush or chipped. After the solder paste printing, operator waiting for cleaning printing by mistake, the longer the more difficult it is to remove the solder paste. Miss printing plate should be immediately after the discovery of the problem in solvent soak, because solder paste before dry easy to remove. Double zedoary circuit board to avoid to wipe with a cloth to wipe, in order to prevent the solder paste and other pollutants daub on the surface of plate. After soaking, with soft often spray wash can help remove unwanted tin. At the same time also recommend using hot air drying. If you use the horizontal template cleaning machine, to clean the surface should be down, to allow for the solder paste falling from the plate. As usual, pay attention to some details can eliminate unwanted conditions, such as error of solder paste printing and removed from the board for the curing of solder paste. At desired positions of a number of solder paste deposition is our goal. Contaminate the tools, the dry of the solder paste, stencil and PCB wrong, is likely to be caused in the template base even unwanted solder paste on the assembly. During the printing process, between the printing cycle according to certain rules to wipe a template. Guarantee template is located on the bonding pad, rather than on the resistance welding layer, in order to make sure a PCB clean solder paste printing process. Online, real-time solder paste inspection and check before components after SMT reflow, is helpful to reduce the welding defects before the process of process steps. For dense spacing ( 细粒度组件 球场) Template, if because of the thin template cross section curve between pin damage, it will cause the solder paste deposition between pins, produce printing defects and/or short circuit. Low viscosity of the solder paste can also cause printing defects. Printer, for example, high operating temperature or scraper speed can reduce the viscosity in solder paste in the use of defects caused by too much deposit solder paste printing and bridging. Generally speaking, the lack of adequate materials to control, solder paste deposition method and equipment is the main reason for the defect in the reflow soldering process.
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