How to maintain PCB

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-01
Believe that a lot of PCB factory customer will have this problem, PCB circuit boards should be how to maintain? How does ability let the longer the life of a circuit board? Now by the Rocket PCB circuit to maintenance problems of PCB is analysed for you. PCB circuit boards with printing and etching resistance agent method, make the circuit lines and surfaces. Circuit board factory according to the circuit layers can be divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multilayer PCB. Common sandwich plate is commonly 4 layer board or 6 layer board, complex sandwich plate can be up to a dozen layer. Circuit board has both high speed logic circuit, and linear circuit, should make them apart as far as possible, and both ground not mixed, respectively connected to the power end ground. Try to increase the grounding area of linear circuit. PCB circuit boards should be how to maintain? One, half a year maintenance: to observe whether the circuit board factory production of electronic components in the circuit after high temperature, electrolytic capacitor has not summon the leakage phenomenon, should be replaced. Every quarter for PCB circuit boards to clean dust, PCB special cleaning fluid for cleaning are available, and the PCB after the dust cleaning, use hair dryer will dry PCB circuit boards. PCB circuit boards vacuum packaging, annual maintenance: 1. To clean up the dust on the PCB circuit boards. 2. Electrolytic capacitor capacity of PCB for sampling, if discover electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of less than 20% of the nominal capacity, should be replaced, generally the life of the electrolytic capacitor is ten years or so, it must be all be replaced, in order to ensure the performance of PCB. 3. For high power devices with cooling silicon grease, should check the cooling is there dry solid silicon grease, for dry solid dry solid heat dissipation silicon grease should be cleared after coated with new heat dissipation silicon grease, in order to prevent the PCB circuit board burn out due to bad heat dissipation of high power devices. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. Under the same cost we faster delivery, under the same delivery speed our costs are lower. At present, the Rocket PCB circuit has PCB circuit board production base and technology research and development base, in the domestic several major electronic product design center layout service center, has for more than 2000 customers worldwide rapid electronic manufacturing services.
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