halifax’s new science discovery centre aims to be ‘all about exploration’

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-05
It\'s hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the Earth, but Jupiter\'s Big Red Dot shines in the theater --
The immersive dome of Halifax Discovery Center.
From the planetarium 65 comfortable and comfortable chairs you can reach many corners of the universe
From the night sky in Singapore to the Orion belt, it\'s everywhere.
But there is a place where the audience is always eager to see: the Earth.
\"You can show people any cool space simulations or images, but to be honest, there\'s nothing more amazing than hovering over the Earth,\" said japuna Sidu --
Full House with round roof-
Create custom time presenters using Hubble Space Telescope data
Create an audio-visual experience.
\"The software is great.
Your simulation of the solar system, the planets, and the universe itself is very accurate. ”The new three-
Discovery Center-
As a hand act itself-
Science Center-
It is scheduled to open on February. 12.
It was a staple on Barrington Street for over 25 years and later moved into the newly built $20
Millions of facilities on Halifax waterfront.
Dov Bercovici said that the old center is mainly aimed at children and their families, but the new Discovery Center is seeking to attract people of all ages through tourism exhibitions, interactive astronomical exhibitions and invention seminars, president and CEO of the center.
\"Everyone has an experience,\" Bercovici said in the atrium . \" The atrium offers a broad view of the center three floors and is illuminated by several large sandy beaches --
Esque lights that change color regularly.
\"We want to encourage the public of any age to understand the science of their daily lives.
People can even come here on a date night.
\"The ground floor of the center is the place to hold a tour exhibition for three projectsto four-A one-month stopover
The first exhibition is to explore the science of music.
From the physical nature of the guitar and drum to why certain notes sound more pleasing than others.
\"We really believe that science and art are essential to each other,\" Bercovici said after playing G chords with an electric guitar before a section detailing six
Stringed instruments.
Hidden in the back corner of the ground floor is a workshop --
Stylish room called \"innovation lab.
\"On the last day, there were several people sitting on the stool and wandering on the long wooden table.
Dozens of simple circuit boards
Made of nails and blocks of wood
Scattered in bright space.
Here, visitors can learn how to invent things like making potato batteries or drones.
\"It\'s all about exploration,\" said colleagues at the lab . \"
Before showing some new 3D, coordinator Ryan Jameson-
The art of printing, including a scorpion with an active tail.
\"The whole center is meant to be curious and to remain curious as this is the first step in discovery.
\"On the second floor, guests are welcomed by life --
Yellow Piper J.
Light aircraft Cub first produced in 1938.
This is part of three themed galleries: Flight, health and energy.
Interactive and hands-on features in each section
About teaching the activities of science behind our society, such as the use of tides and human anatomy.
The light poured in from the big windows overlooking Halifax Harbor farmers market and the center\'s top floor Halifax harbor, where the kids-
Only parts are located.
Farm, supermarket and doctor\'s office-
All of this is for children to understand how their city works.
The children pull carrots and other vegetables from the soil bed and enter the grocery store through the window to simulate the \"farm\"to-Sports.
It is also home to the remains of the original Discovery Center: Forever
Popular PVC organ for children with flip flap-
The failure to create music.
\"Because it\'s a hand --
People want to stay a little longer.
They don\'t just come over and see things.
\"They started to get involved and stay active,\" Bercovici said . \" He walked down the noisy stairs like a piano key.
Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics will be equipped on each floor (STEAM)
Host, he will be in touch with visitors at any time and provide a new experience on the trolley.
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