FPC flexible circuit board production process

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-05
FPC flexible LCD application scope is very broad, some electronic circuits, cars are used to, flexible circuit board has a double-sided, there is also a single, single-sided and double-sided flexible circuit board there are differences in their production process, the following is the corresponding production process. FPC double-sided circuit board manufacturing process: cutting, drilling and PTH to plating, pretreatment to stick a dry film, para - exposure and development - graphics to take off the membrane, pretreatment and electroplating stick dry film to para exposure, development and etching, take off the film - surface treatment - stick covering film to suppress, curing to sink the nickel and gold - printed characters - shear, electric logging, cutting to final inspection, packaging and shipment double-sided FPC flexible PCB FPC single-sided circuit board manufacturing process: cutting and drilling to stick the dry film - para - exposure, development and etching to take off the film, surface treatment to stick to suppress, covering membrane curing, surface treatment to sink the nickel and gold - printed characters - shear, electric logging - punching - final inspection of shipment to the packing, FPC flexible circuit board production process is roughly Rocket PCB manufacturer described above, single-sided double-sided although there are differences, but the production principle is the same.
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