foldable iphone to become reality in 2020: report

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-10
It is reported that while the tech community expects the arrival of the 2018 iPhone series, Apple is now planning to launch its first foldable iPhone in 2020.
This is in line with a previous report that suggested that Apple and LG Display work closely together to build a foldable iPhone.
The new design is expected to enable Cupertino to provide a phone that can be converted into a tablet.
According to a CNBC report, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said Apple is working with its Asian partners to launch the rumored foldable iPhone in 2020.
Analyst Wamsi Mohan mentioned in a customer report that the new iPhone model could double as a tablet.
The analyst specially prepared the report after meeting with Apple\'s supply chain partners in Asia.
It is important that this is not the first time Apple has made the headlines for making foldable iPhone models.
It is said that the company cooperated with LG Display to develop new designs in 2017.
It is reported that a task force has been assigned to develop foldable OLED panels for a new iPhone model that is scheduled to launch in 2020.
In addition, LG Innotek has reportedly partnered with Apple engineers to manufacture flexible printed circuit board aka rf pcb for foldable models.
In November, a patent application was also submitted to the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)in 2014.
Some charts of Apple\'s foldable design are shown.
\"Electronic devices can have flexible parts that allow folding devices.
The device may have a flexible display.
The company described in the application: \"Flexible displays may have a curved area that allows the display to bend along the curved crankshaft while folding the device . \".
In addition to Apple, LG and Samsung also tested the local version of their foldable device.
So far, however, none of them have made their development public.
At the same time, it is widely expected that Apple will also adopt the iPhone X design in the 2018 iPhone series.
The new series reportedly includes three new iPhone models
Two of them are OLED displays, and one may be an LCD panel.
All three iPhones are said to have abandoned Touch ID support, including facial recognition facial ID using the TrueDepth camera system.
In addition, the new iPhone family is expected to debut in September, in line with the previous iPhone release --
Trial production is expected in the second quarter.
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