diy: are dad skills obsolete?

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-01
Top Gear host James May has always claimed that modern men have lost their \"dad skills \".
The current generation of 20 to 30 years
He said that the elderly lack the practical ability of their fathers and grandfathers to carry out daily lifeto-
Daily home maintenance tasks such as shelves and wiring plugs.
There is no doubt that James May\'s statement sparked a debate.
He has his new BBC2 series Man Lab to promote, as well as his book \"How to land A330 Airbus\" and \"other skills of modern people\".
The basic premise of May seems to be that in the era of yore, when men were still men, they were taught by their father to do practical body supplies involving wrenches, saws and gearboxes.
By contrast, young people today are weak, he said.
Although for me, he did not make it clear at what exact time the father should stop passing on these important skills.
What I want to say is that I like James May and I find the human lab very interesting.
If I find it necessary to remove an unexploded bomb in my garden, I will thank James.
I even tried to play Beethoven\'s Moonlight Sonata on the piano as he instructed --
Yes, James, I was very impressed by my wife.
However, I conducted a poll among my construction colleagues to see how much of their knowledge was passed on to them by their father, and the results were inconclusive.
Of course, some people grew up on the father\'s knee, learning the basics of carpentry, plumbing or Mars asphalt, and working with the father at the construction site from the age of 10.
But there are others, whose father is a bank manager, civil servant or poet, who drift into the building game despite the lack of parental encouragement.
My own growth experience is between these two extremes.
My father works at the post office, starting with the 14-year-old telegraph boy, and keeps improving in the team.
He showed me how to screw the plug together with two pieces of wood and he did all the painting and decoration in our house.
Like many of his generation, he learned the principles of family maintenance through the needs and poverty of life.
He used the yellow robe of the Earth during World War II as his work clothes, which I think is normal.
But I can\'t say that he directed me on any particular manual skill.
These came by doing wood and metal work at school, and later when I was working on the construction site, these jobs --I have to say —
My parents don\'t agree.
DIY for doctors: Bill for businessmen and more. . .
House Doctor DIY: Creaking floor home decoration: Rubber Board roof home decoration: moss growing home decoration: in defending James May\'s attack on lost dad skills, removing the cavity wall has to say that when I grow up, there is really no parallel between 1950 and 1960, and the situation today
This technology has changed beyond recognition.
When my dad bought his first car in 1965, he could remove and clean the earbuds as stated in the manual and reset the contact breaker gap --
In order for things to start in the morning, he has to operate on a regular basis.
Today, when you open the hood of the car, you will see a black plastic box with wires sticking out of it.
If the engine does not start, you have to call the faulty car, which takes you to a place where they can plug the computer into a special socket and analyze which specific electronic circuit blocks need to be replaced.
In my own life, I have been used to taking them apart in order to fix the broken things.
When the radio stops working, you remove your back and track what is broken or burned
Remove the wire, peel off a bit of insulation and reconnect-hey presto!
But a few weeks ago I tried the same trick on a faulty toast machine and it turned out to be a little different.
First of all, you need special tools to separate things because modern appliances are not connected with common cross-connectionshead screws. They have star-
The shape or octagonal head, or even special head, is designed to prevent anyone from screwing them off after leaving the factory assembly line.
Once I passed that particular obstacle, I found that the fault was on a faulty electronic printed circuit board. A PCB —
15 Argos toaster!
It was a waste of two hours and things were eventually sent to the bin to go to the landfill.
Is it really meaningful to try DIY repair when building
Is the outdated odds so bad for you?
Every homeowner should know that tap water enters through 15mm (half-inch)
Copper or plastic pipes with stop valves (
This usually looks like the head of the faucet and works the same way by screwing down clockwise to turn off the flow).
It is usually under the kitchen sink or sometimes in the basement or garage.
Turn off the main gas cock next to the gas meter.
It\'s usually a quarter.
Turning the valve, turning 90 degrees horizontally to vertically, should cut off the power supply.
First check, this is not a local problem (
See if your neighbor\'s lights are off as well).
If it\'s just you, check the consumption unit to see if there are any miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
Or residual current device (RCD)
Has switched to the off position.
Flipping back to the \"on\" position usually works and first reveals the dead bulb that caused the problem.
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