The latest PCB chemical deburring methods

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-11

When it comes to how to PCB deburring, this part a lot of people think of is washing mill. Washing mill is now using a deburring method is the most common, it is a kind of using the grinding stone and the friction between the workpiece and for deburring. Compared with many deburring methods, low initial investment cost, simple operation is an advantage, but with the constant improvement of the industrial requirements, and the situation of unify the whole country starts to break down, more and more new ways to use in the field of deburring, see more with electrochemical method, electric method, sand blasting, ultrasonic and so on. The dongguan Rocket PCB factory to introduce a new method of deburring: chemical deburring methods. , the process is a kind of soaking technology CULLYGRAT is a kind of solution, the circuit board products used base material structure and the differences of burr, through the principle of the vertical response, have a choice to achieve the effect of removing PCB burr. Compared with the traditional chemical deburring, the circuit board technology, great progress has been made in every respect especially in reliability, repeatability, stability, environmental protection, etc, it is far superior to traditional process, the following is the process performance is simple introduction is as follows. Multi-layer PCB/goldfinger PCB 1, improve surface finish using this process burrs circuit board products, also improve the PCB surface finish of workpiece, thereby achieve polishing effect. Artifacts after processing a variety of ways, the plane is a roughness of different level, in the process, can reduce the index's very good, this is because the technology can be selectively to vertical reaction products, make rough plane gradually close to the surface. 2, efficient time-saving compared the traditional process, the technology get a lot of improvement in processing time. Using this process to deal with the burr, generally only need a few minutes, the shortest product needs only a few seconds, more details, will depend on the material of products, the size of the burr and the processing of customer requirements. Efficient time-saving another performance is the process can be a wide range of applications in batch production. Because the product has high replication and the reliability, precision processing of product either in color or size and so on, has the extremely high consistency, especially in terms of size control, its precision can reach micron more requirements. These are for its wide range of applications in industry. Heavy gold PCB laminated 3, can enhance product anticorrosion ability to resist corrosion in the process and product can better let the rust layer in combination with, so as to better protect the workpiece. According to the process, once have customers do salt fog test, the results show that by this craft processing products, can greatly prolong the salt spray test time. 4, safe and reliable, and environmental economy, simple operation using this technology to deburring processing, have a safe and reliable, environmental protection, etc. Safe surface mainly in two aspects, first, the product safety, mainly refers to the processing of products are high quality guarantee, will not change the product by the technology of mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties. In addition, also includes the safety performance of the product itself, it has the MSDS safety certification. Second, the operation and personnel safety. The process does not need specialized technical personnel, operating personnel need only through simple training, can mount guard, and in the operation, only need to pay attention to the general chemical test, agent operating safety. Mention environmental protection, the product conforms to the ROHS certification, this is also a long-term application in Germany Bosch company is an important guarantee. 5, wide application range, a product can adopt this process mainly depends on the material of the PCB product and process requirements, are not affected by the processing method, geometric shape, etc. The PCB material is mainly aimed at the iron, copper, aluminum and its alloy material, so far, the successful application of the circuit board material has reached more than 200 kinds, wider application fields, especially in all kinds of machining and mechanical, electronic manufacturing, application is more particularly. 6, can improve the effect of products electroplating and phosphating, prevent hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon due to the product of common improve the product surface finish, it is helpful to improve product plating attachment force, thus improve the plating effect. In addition, the use of this technology can prevent hydrogen embrittlement phenomena, this is because the process does not form a closed space, it is beneficial to prevent acid electroplating of stranded in the interior of the workpiece, thus preventing hydrogen to the interior of the workpiece material and cause hydrogen embrittlement.                                

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