the killer \'legobots\' are coming: us military to build modular robot parts they can plug together for different missions

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-23
It sounds like a kid\'s toy.
It can be combined to form a modular \"robot\" of the robot \".
However, there is a difference between Darpa\'s latest project --
Its machines can kill people.
S. Military research agency wants to build a library of components to help everything from smart drone buildings to instant language translation. The agency says it wants to compress traditional military machines into a single\"
By challenging the technology community to integrate the collective functions of the entire PCB bearer into devices close to the size of a single chip, the agency said that darpa\'s latest project is working to open up new areas of technology micromation.
\'We are trying to simplify a lot of integration on printed circuit boards to a more compact format, \'he said.
Daniel Green, new project manager
Chips representing common heterogeneous integration and intellectual property (IP)
This project can improve the speed of the computer.
It\'s not just an interesting acronym, says Green.
This program is about designing a physical library of component chips that we can assemble in a modular way.
\"This is becoming more and more important for data --
As the data sets we process grow larger, we have to do intensive processing, says Green.
Despite the agency\'s refusal to disclose what machine it wants to build, it does say, \"The new architecture strategy at the core of the project may open up new avenues for identifying the computational efficiency required for feats such as physical objects and actions --
Live video feed-
Translation and coordination of Time language-the-
Flying fast in groups
Mobile drones (UAVs).
Darpa has released a request for information to harvest ideas on the front line
The show ended for experts and industry participants.
The key to chip success will be standards and interfaces, which means we will work with a community, not just ourselves, Green said.
A major aspect of the chip vision is the eventual provision of custom and commercial \"chiplets\" librariessmall-
An extended chip that contains specific functions, such as data storage, computing, signal processing, and the form and process management of data.
By assembling and integrating dozens of chiplets, Mosaic styles, in a so-
Like a small printed circuit board called interposer, all of these micro-systems can be performed in tighter congestion, and can be more efficient than distributing in the usual way in a set of chips connected to a traditional PCB.
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