The importance of the PCB test

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-26
PCB test the importance of printed circuit boards are widely used in various kinds of electronic and technology, making it a very valuable components. Whether mobile phones, computers or complex machine, you will find the function of the PCB is responsible for the equipment. If problems defects or manufacturing printed circuit boards, may lead to the final product failure and inconvenience. In these cases, the manufacturer will have to recall these devices, and spend more time and resources to repair the fault. This is the most developers turn to PCB designer and manufacturer specialized in manufacturing and testing one of the main reasons. Why do PCB test? The test stage of PCB manufacturing is one of the most important stage. If you don't test your PCB, there may be some errors and problems in the production phase is ignored. These problems could eventually lead to the faults and defects. In order to reduce the chance of failure and maintain customer satisfaction, it is important to perform the test procedure, to ensure that the printed circuit board and component completely normal work. In the whole process of production has a test, can let you earlier identify errors and problems, rather than at the end of the test phase. Printed circuit board design and manufacturing companies usually have a careful and thorough testing procedures, to ensure that the final printed circuit board is of the highest quality. PCB component test stage is usually a thorough testing stage, need to be very attention to detail. PCB board is made up of all kinds of complex components. These may include capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes and fuse. These are need to test if there was any sign of irregular and breakdown of main components. Capacitor - Capacitor is stored energy in the form of electrostatic field of small electronic devices. Capacitor is responsible for blocking the flow of direct current (dc), and at the same time of storing energy make possible indirect current flow. In order to test the capacitors, voltage to test whether the work as required. Otherwise, there might be a different result, which indicates that a short circuit, leakage or capacitor does not work. Diode - Diode is a small electronic device, which can be a one-way transmission electric current. When transmission current in one direction, it will block the reverse current. Diode is a very sensitive device, test it need to be careful. Suggest consulting experts before test sensitive components, in case of damage. Resistor - The resistor is one of the main components of PCB. These small electronic devices, there are two terminals, made the current voltage is produced. In order to test the resistance, you can use the ohmmeter. Once the isolation resistance, you can use a digital multimeter, and connect the lead resistance test. If reading is too high, may be due to the resistor. Because the PCB is composed of various complex electrical components, so whether there is any can lead to circuit board fault test PCB fault or error is very important. Should every component of the monitoring and testing, in order to maintain the functional printed circuit board reach its full potential. Above for professional proofing shenzhen PCB manufacturer, Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, will the above three aspects as a breakthrough point, customers can easily choose to manufacturers. Even at the same time pay attention to the communication and exchanges with manufacturers, allowing both sides to form a state of 'win-win', to better promote products project cooperation.
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