the case of the disappearing dashboard lights

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-04
Dear Tom and Ray: The rain was on my monitor van windshield as I wrote this.
I\'m a private detective.
I live in NE.
I did quite a bit of monitoring and I used a gun for this --
Gray, 1999 from Chrysler Town and Country van.
I use this van to spy on insurance fraudsters with bad backs, track cattle stealers, provide court documents, and conduct interviews with witnesses of malfeasance, intentional injury and murder.
I had a problem.
This is not a big problem as the problem develops.
It\'s more of a hassle.
When I drive my surveillance van on the road, sometimes my meter will flatten.
It often happens.
Usually, the next day they will pick up again, or they may jump into life as I run out of the repo.
However, it should be noted that the warning lights continue to work during this period.
The strange thing is, maybe this is the whole captain\'s clue.
Or just a red herring.
When the meter becomes normal, the ABS warning light will light up and the ABS warning light will turn off when the meter returns to service life.
This is a mystery.
So, to fix this, I found the best car Dix I know.
I warn you that work will be slow if you need to hire.
Slower than the turtle with tourniquet.
Slower than the gout gazelle. . Slower than a—
Well, look at the photos. —
Steve Tom: Steve, we have a night shift in the garage.
The doll came in.
She has a town and country for 99 years.
Guess what? She’s in a jam.
Her dashboard often carries powder.
Like yours.
Tom: The Goose she married didn\'t know what to do, so he sent her to us.
She is very lucky. We are gumshoes, not thugs.
Anyway, we listened to her sad story and got her car up and down to her.
Tom: My brother came in. Sure enough, the instrument group put it on the heel and toe. Looks fried.
So I put some serious music on it.
I hit it on the dashboard with two fists, you know?
It does Lazarus.
Back in life. All lit up.
Tom: So he said to the lady, \"Buster, your group is broken.
Ray: she said, \"Why are you hitting my dashboard?
Don\'t call me Buster.
Tom: So I told her that sometimes poor connection on the meter group printed circuit board can cause intermittent failure.
Sometimes, by hitting it hard, you can get it back to life for the time being and confirm that the problem is in the cluster.
Ray: Besides, I told her that even if you can\'t get it back to life, trying it in beezer will make you feel much better.
Tom: Yes, I told her that if you really want to give a lesson to this bus, drive it to the guardrail, haha.
She does not think it is very interesting.
So I told her that it could be a bad body control module if it wasn\'t for the meter Group, a small computer that controls lighting and internal functions.
But in her case, I\'m pretty sure it\'s the instrument group.
Tom: So she asked how many cabbages we were talking about.
I said it depends.
If you can find a cat willing to take out the cluster, look for broken solder joints on the board and weld them together, it could be an hour\'s work.
But you may not be able to find someone who is willing to do so.
Tom: Another option is to take an old one from the garbage station.
But, of course, that\'s probably half the amount of sleep itself. You never know.
Ray: this will definitely solve the problem if you want to replace it with a new cluster, but you are considering a lot of money. A bunch of C’s.
In a magnificent South, but maybe not much.
Tom: \"It\'s a kind of Lotta spinach,\" she said . \"
\"I may have to put this thing in a wooden kimono with my lifeless husband.
We nodded.
\"Good luck, Madam,\" I said.
We never saw that wide again.
So we will say the same thing to you.
Good luck, Steve.
Be careful outside.
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