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by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-25

What is the PCB? PCB manufacturer ( PrintedCircuitBoard) , Chinese name called printed circuit board is also called printed circuit board, is an important electronic components, electronic components to support the body, the provider of the electrical connection in the electronic components. Since it is made of electronic printing, therefore is called 'printed circuit board. Copper-clad laminate is making PCB substrate material. It is used as the support of various components, and can realize the electrical connection or electrical insulation between them. PCB simple said is with integrated circuits and other electronic components sheet printed circuit board after decades of classification of various technology rapid development, at the same time in constant evolution, the classification of the line is diversiform, can be classified according to use, can be classified according to the structure, according to the degree of hard and soft classification, etc. According to the degree of hardness and softness in general can be divided into the following two categories: ( 1) What is the PCB rigid PCB? PCB proofing is what? PCB customized manufacturer which good? PCB custom manufacturer which is strong. Rigid printed circuit board Printed circuit board is made from rigid base material. Rigid PCB accounted for about 85% of global PCB. ( 2) What is the PCB flexible PCB? PCB proofing is what? Proofing PCB manufacturer which good? PCB custom manufacturer which is strong. The flexible printed circuit board ( flex PCB) Is made of flexible substrate PCB, can with or without flexible layer. Flexible plate accounted for about 15% of global PCB. What is the PCB proofing? So-called 'PCB proofing', which refers to the pilot production of printed circuit board before mass production, mainly used for electronic engineers in the design of circuit, and complete the PCB later, to the factory for small batch trial-produce process. This process belongs to the product design has been finished to confirm and test before, that we understand the 'PCB proofing. Proofing PCB manufacturer which good? PCB proofing has high precision and conventional PCB proofing, some high precision PCB factory proofing generally focus on shenzhen, conventional proofing proofing factories in China so many PCB enterprises, manufacturers ranked better there are also many, for example: Quick proofing, the specialty is engaged in PCB, pcb1 - 34 layer board production quickly. With the board that is in accordance with eu standards good plank is sun ink ( Now the only home in conventional plate factory PE sheet used for proofing plate factory) Poly ding idea is to make the innovation of the circuit is more simple, convenient, fast! For research and development in the enterprise is very suitable for the more and delivery fast and good. Overall it is a good PCB proofing.
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