revolving doors send emap investors into a spin

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-29
Another senior manager left Emap, and a few days ago, Emap\'s dizzy twin architect David Arculus, who became a media star, resigned to become Lord Holick\'s joint news media.
The news of Mr Arculus\'s departure was enough to shrink Emap\'s market value by 87, or 5 cents, but the stock price fell further by 20. 5p to 749.
Yesterday in the weekend news report, Tom Moloney, the owner of the consumer magazine Department, was also on the road.
This article proves this, but with confirmation that Emap Media General Manager John tatter has also resigned, there is concern that everything is not good on the good ship Emap.
He will be replaced by Tony Harris, the former owner of Emap computing.
There were even rumours that Mr Arculus had dug out Mr Thater, although Manchester United said they were not aware of any such appointment.
In Emap, managing change is nothing.
Two non-rebels last year
The executive director was removed from the board.
Analysts said the recent defections were relatively small, but they noted that investors used recent personnel changes as an excuse for profit.
Other media stocks have risen against the trend, thanks to a report that ITV companies may see their annual payments to the Treasury Department cut by as early as 1999. Yorkshire Tyne-
Tees, one of the highest-license bidders, confirmed 12.
From 5 p to 1285 p, Carlton raised 17 p to 541 p.
Scottish television ended 11 games.
5p is better at 652. 5p.
The FTSE 100 index fell 21 points in one stage and rebounded above 4300 points at the best level of the day, down only 1 point. 2 at 4307. 1.
This recovery is the same as Wall Street, which has opened nearly 50 points in rafting before returning to positive territory.
The turnover is very large at 1 hour.
Driven by stock purchases, 44 billion shares
Water in Yorkshire and electricity in the South.
NatWest is the main conversation point after that.
On Friday, 1 pounds 50-meter holes were published in its options trading manual.
Stocks are the worst.
Chip performer, 27 p to 731 p.
A large number of 5 p in 14. 5 million.
James Capel, HSBC, has changed its proposal for NatWest to hold, and even its investment banking arm, NatWest Markets, prefers Barclays or Lloyds.
The adverse sentiment affected other banks, especially HSBC Bank, the owner of Midland Bank, which fell 30 p to 152 p, despite the report saying
Annual results at the top of the range.
There are signs of further turning to Standard Chartered, up 24.
5 p at 866 p because it was exposed to the Far East.
Abbey National Park is also in a downturn, losing 6p to 749.
Goldman Sachs said the sale and rival Lehman Brothers, the US investment bank, reiterated their cautious stance.
In addition to the company\'s performance, football stocks largely reflect the club\'s performance on the court over the weekend. Sunderland\'s 1-
The 0-game defeat in the Premier League powerhouse Blackburn resulted in a 15 p drop to 717.
5 p when Loftus Road sank.
Since the First Division QPR lost to Oldham at home, 5 p to 65 p.
Tottenham Hotspur fell to 114 a penny.
5 p after losing home to noates forest. AIM-
The Trocadero listed was pushed up a penny to 40 p.
Since opening a retail and entertainment mall in Piccadilly, London last year, disappointing results have led to a decline in profits, but Leeds is leaning towards the stock --
Agent based in Redmayne Bentley
Restore the game.
Recently acquired Enid Blyton, the company that owns the rights to children\'s book roles, and a demerger may appear on the card.
Brokers also like Dana Petroleum, up 1 p at 20. 5p.
Dana has a large oil asset in Russia, which is expected to be 28 p per share, but is expected to produce 20,000 barrels a day in three years, which may rise to 56 p.
The main negative, of course, is political risk.
But as the market reacted poorly to Friday night\'s news of 1 pounds-14, shares of Russian explorer JKX Oil and gas fell 40 p to 59 p.
2m shares, low performance.
Two companies closed down because of American buyers.
The forwarding group attracts 230 p-a-
PCB investment is valued at £ 129 for the manufacturer of printed circuit boards.
Shares soared 61 p to 225 p.
Headhunter Michael Page has fallen into the arms of temporary services, which has agreed to bid £ 346.
Shares closed at 550 p, up 55 p.
It was a bad day for AIM shares as trading in Alpha Omicron, Chartwell International and Loox was suspended.
The three must find new advisers as soon as possible or face deportation.
Four days after the deal was announced, video logic finally began to officially reveal to the stock exchange that Japan\'s electronics giant NEC has invested about $1 pounds in its PowerVR game development project.
Stock close 2.
After contact with 68 p, 5p is higher at 6 p.
The deal with MAID continues. The on-
Line information providers work with the South China Morning Post to design and implement internet business services that will be launched in the second quarter.
The MAID will receive an undisclosed annual fee, subscriptions fee, and royalties.
But the news, as well as Merrill Lynch\'s support, did not stop the decline in share prices.
The share price last summer was as high as 341 p, down 8.
As concerns persist about the level of profit this year, 5 p to 170 p.
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