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by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-18
Mr. Robert (Bob)
Doherty was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and director of the company.
Effective June 1, 2017.
He is currently the chief financial officer, temporary Chief Executive Officer and director of the company. Mr.
Doherty is an experienced senior head of business and technology with expertise in manufacturing, operations and engineering.
He has successfully led the global business and has a good track record in consistently surpassing revenue and profit targets. Mr.
Doherty is a proven expert who translates a wide range of strategies into specific goals/plans and successfully translates them into action and quantifiable results. Mr.
There are two patents and 37 titles under Doherty\'s name. Recently Mr.
Doherty led the ALM technology group to grow from $360,000 in sales to $4.
2013 5 million.
Sales of $2014 are expected to be 7. 5 million.
He created three unique departments and integrated the assets of each department to provide solutions to the needs of customers (
Boeing, Lockheed and the Defense Department). Mr.
Doherty has increased sales of ArmorStruxx, a $100 million manufacturer of integrated bomb and explosion protection solutions specializing in the design and integration of light armor systems from 235,000
2 million in three monthsMr.
Doherty studied, designed and identified a ballistic MRAP armor solution for Navistar Defense in less than 5 weeks, achieving a full production run speed in 6 weeks
At cosmotrnic, sir.
Doherty served as CEO and board member of both.
110 employees and a $14 million PCB manufacturing company.
He successfully led and guided the company through the 11 Chapter process in five weeks.
He is responsible for restructuring the $42 million legacy debt and transforming the business from a monthly loss to a profitable company.
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