Printed Circuit Board Designing and Its History

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-21
Paul Eisler is the great mind behind the invention of printed circuit board designs. Paul was a resident of Austria and was successful in designing the printed circuit board in the mid 1930's. His initial design was use for radio sets. Businesses were laggards when it came to accepting the printed circuit board designs in their electronic manufacturing breakthrough of his invention only became popular in the 1940's when manufacturers in the United States were made familiar with it and realized the potential of the design. This printed circuit board design proved to be very beneficial for the United States army, when the technicians in the armed forces realised its potential and made extensive use of it in designing radio sets for commandos. Only after businesses saw that the army made heavy use of these boards, did they start making use of these in their manufacturing as well. Point to point construction was used before the printed circuit board design was introduced to technology. The advancement of technology has brought about several changes to the way electronics were manufactured. Previously, hole construction was used by technicians in the manufacturing of electronics. This process required all electronic equipment that was being manufactured to have wire leads attached to it. All circuit boards were prepared with holes in them for the wires to pass through, after which the soldering would take place, to fix the wires onto the trace of the boards. In the late 1940's, two army technicians went onto designing a process which made electronic manufacturing, with the use of printed circuit boards,easier and durable. The auto assembly process was such that it ensured that the leads of all electronic components would be attached to copper foil patterns that would be interconnected to each other. Dip soldering was used to make any attachments needed in the processes. Wave soldering was used for any soldering needed in the completion process whereby the board would be passed over melted material that was used for soldering. This method of soldering required the use of wave soldering machines. Many manufacturers continue to make use of these machines despite the fact that they have extra costs and require more efforts to drill any holes needed, plus the additional cost of wires that need to be used and end up useless after the soldering process is completed. Now that smaller electronic components are being used, and manufacturers are interested in making compact electronics, surface mounted parts are more commonly used. This concept is one that has evolved because of the introduction of printed circuit board designs in the 1940's. The printed circuit board designs have opened doors for many electricians to innovate new methods or manufacturing electronics that are used these days. A concept as small as this one has gone such a long way in evolving the whole manufacturing process of electronics.
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