PCB factory: printed circuit board solder resist common two problems

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-16
PCB circuit board industry in today's fierce market competition, under the condition of production technology is to create quick delivery, reduce costs, improve quality, one of the main way to explain here two PCB production process often appears, and a lot of PCB manufacturers do not know how to improve the problem. A PCB in the process of production, photosensitive resistance welding, white black often appear after the development of surface with a layer of black, white, grey, with a clean paper can erase. Similar problems have seen more than ten happened and circuit board factory, everyone ask said at the time of pre baked baked dead, cause development not net, they generally use time shorten baking plate method to solve this problem, the result has the opposite effect. And ask their cookie sheet conditions are mostly in 25-75 ℃ * 35 minutes, double-sided printing at the same time. HDI PCB welding room but in PCB factory, Dry area) Supervisor should be able to solve this problem, and the most simple question is often not technical people get worse and worse, had seen a PCB manufacturer of welding room supervisor after such problems command to bake board member with 75 ℃ * 20 minutes to bake photosensitive shortening board, light feet do 8 residue, the result is developing out the whole board a white mist, is what reason, but head scratching their heads, bring to the company great loss. Above problems actually very simple, the main reason is the black and white baking plate time is insufficient, and the exposure energy is too low, cause photosensitive, white black bottom not fully achieve heat, the effect of dual curing light, so the imaging surface after fall off a layer of black, white powder, after developing machine drying is present on the surface, can wipe off with clean paper. To solve this problem we need to bake longer time, generally in the pre bake the conditions of the black and white oil is 40-75 ℃ + 5 ℃ * 50 minutes, the thickness of the visual board. In 21 case exposure levels by 11 remaining 12 clean can. If you encounter a similar problem, please refer to the above process do believe will achieve the ideal effect. 2, print solder resist oil often found jack in oil development have no net similar problems also met several cause scrap PCB factory, the main reason is that after developing hole inside the oil not clean, and take it to return, or not clean, finally to caustic soda back to wash, the result is still wash not to drop the oil hole in the end how can't handle hole of residual oil, lead to scrap. Such problems such as getting the right treatment is not cause scrap, is the main cause of scrap in printing screen printing workers couldn't make the control of oil into the hole is too serious, some will plug too to death, and in normal pre roasted the hole when the oil is too thick, can't completely to hole oil return enhancement doesn't show off? We can do a test, with a small blade will pick out to see the oil hole must is dilute the oil hole is dilute oil if development again, causing oil resin combination on hole wall to clean it up. Why still wash not to drop back to wash again with caustic soda? Under the condition of the ink itself did not advance to dry, the Na2CO3 leaching and soak in the caustic soda, make it wet ink by two chemical yao water attack killed, the color of the ink in hole wall of the base material, as a common ink to make our life on clothes, dip the yarn, can no longer be washed off again, what do you think the results at the end of the hole has a layer of green oil, scrap. Say so many problems, in order to solve this problem Rocket PCB manufacturer also experimented with many times, once the company's QC found QC inspectors to 100 PNL board hole with oil to rush out, will be the 100 PNL board to 75 ℃ back 10 minutes, and then in the development, the result is that 100% of all developing clean, then take 20 PNL hole inside the oil plate does not return, direct imaging, 70% there is still a developing unclean, oil above prove that hole if not completely dry, enhancement is wrong. Main should control the printer as far as possible don't be too serious ink filters into the hole, if there is a hole in oil after enhancement, one thousand can be taken back to bake to development again, cut can't continuous development, or directly with caustic soda to return bubble, lest cause scrap.
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