Looking for a PCB factory matters needing attention

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-27
PCB engineers working in the PCB circuit board design, is the important content for the designer, and after their drawings processing can be successfully used, can be a sense of accomplishment. PCB circuit board design design more complicated than that of the other products, a small error details, will directly lead to the whole PCB scrap. Design and ready to processing, PCB processing link is particularly important how to PCB design accurately machined out? PCB processing should pay attention to what issues? For PCB engineers, for processing the PCB link, to find a suitable PCB factory, the strength of the filter circuit board manufacturers should consider the following points to. 1, the PCB factory factory scale PCB factory daily capacity, and have experience to work on and the big brands. 2, the craft of PCB factory is in line with the design requirements can satisfy the technological requirements of their own, such as heavy gold craft, tin with lead, to ensure the quality of the PCB. 3, circuit board PCB factory equipment is advanced, is there a big stable production equipment, stable production equipment directly affects the quality of the to the PCB. PCB circuit boards, High precision impedance circuit board) 4, whether the service of PCB factory in addition to product quality, service quality is an important factor test PCB factory, should try to choose perfect after-sale system, strong after-sale protection of PCB factory. Determine the cooperation after the circuit board manufacturers, as soon as possible the corresponding PCB processing documents submitted to the factory. For circuit board manufacturers, after receiving orders from PCB processing, the first and most important step, should be carefully check the PCB processing documents, to avoid the problems caused by the initial data following a series of processing problems. , full approval process, after confirmed with their factory process configuration. Processed in PCB PCB manufacturers, in addition to guarantee the quality of PCB, it should also pay attention to the delivery, the customer for the delivery of the demand is higher and higher, some users demand is 24 hours of shipment, the PCB factory production capacity and the resources conformity ability big test is proposed. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multilayer circuit board production, advanced HDI board, circuit boards, blind hole buried thick copper PCB proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. PCB in the process of making a lot of matters need to pay attention to, whether PCB engineers or PCB manufacturer, pay attention to the details, hope this article can help the PCB industry friends to help.
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