Led why so widely the application scope of aluminum plate

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-17
LED aluminum plate is a special kind of metal sheet, because it has good thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, electric insulation performance and machining performance is widely used. In the process of circuit board manufacturers, can clearly know the aluminum plate can be divided into three layers, the circuit layer ( Copper foil) , insulation and metal base. LED aluminum plate is widely used in LED, flashlights, street lamps, miner's lamp, high power, etc. Why aluminum plate can be widely used, such and used in high-tech products. Aluminum plate thermal expansion, size stability, heat dissipation performance, make it meet the more demanding products. Below we will introduce about led aluminum plate performance. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of LED aluminum plate 1, dimensional stability: aluminum plate, apparently size is much more stable than insulating material of PCB. Aluminum base PCB, aluminum sandwich board, from 30 ℃ heating to 140 ~ 150 ℃, dimensional change to 2. 5 to 3. 0%. 2, thermal expansion: heat bilges cold shrink is the common nature of the material, the thermal expansion coefficient of different material is different. Such as: LED aluminum plate can effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, so that the printed circuit board components of different substances on the heat bilges cold shrink problem, improve the durability and reliability of the machine and electronic equipment. Particularly in SMT ( Surface-mount technology) Heat bilges cold shrink problem. 3, heat dissipation: at present, a lot of double panel, PCB sandwich plate, large power, high density heat dissipation. Conventional PCB substrate such as FR4 glass fiber board, CEM - 3 is a poor conductor of heat, layer insulation, heat dissipation. Electronic equipment local fever has not ruled out, resulting in high temperature electronic components failure, and aluminum plate can solve the heat dissipation problem. In addition to the aluminum plate, copper substrate of heat dissipation is also very good, but the price is very expensive. 4, and other reasons, LED aluminum plate, with a shielding effect; Replace the brittle ceramic substrate; Rest assured use surface mount technology; Reduce PCB printed circuit board truly effective area; Replace the radiator components, such as improving product thermal and physical properties; To reduce the production cost and labor. Above is the dongguan circuit board manufacturers, if you have better advice welcome Suggestions and comments!
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