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by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-01
With the progress of electronic design technology and manufacturing technology, electronic products are gradually in the high density, high functional, lightweight and high transmission rate, the trend of development. Along with the rapid development of the chip miniaturization, the quantity of data transmission, the work frequency of the system is becoming more and more high, the use of high-frequency PCB is becoming more and more widely. The following by: : (PCB board factory 火箭PCB解决方案有限公司) , to share about: PCB material how to choose the high frequency high frequency PCB circuit design, structure design and process technology are three main factors of electronic product design. If you want to be a good electronic products, not only need good circuit design, also need good manufacturability, because good manufacturability can reduce product production problems, shorten the product development process, reduce the design cost, so as to achieve the aim of improving product competitiveness. So the product design engineer, in electronic product design to the PCB material selection is particularly important. As the communication technology from 2 g, 2. 5 g to 3 g, as well as the current 4 g, data transmission throughput is more and more big, the bandwidth of the need to more and more wide, more and more high frequency, miniaturization is one of the future development trend of the equipment. Once the equipment smaller, you need circuit board has a higher heat conduction ability and higher dielectric constant. High-frequency PCB materials mainly used in high power amplifier, the base station antenna, global positioning system (GPS), weather radar and meteorological satellite, and automotive radar and sensors, etc. When the circuit operating frequency in the radio frequency spectrum, the design engineer can choose the plank range reduced substantially. Rogers RO4835 high-frequency PCB board special formula to improve the oxidation resistance. Under a certain temperature to use for a long time, it can provide special and stable performance, while maintaining and FR4 thermosetting resin material processing advantages. At the same time as RO4350B, dielectric constant (under 10 GHZ 第纳尔 3. 48, dielectric loss ( Df) To zero. 0037, and has low thermal expansion coefficient of the Z axis ( 工人联合会) To ensure that the various processing and the reliability of the metals via operating conditions. The X axis and Y axis expansion coefficient of the material similar to copper, excellent dimensional stability. When it comes to how to choose the high frequency circuit board, PCB material of main parameters have a Dk and Df. Used in high frequency circuit board, the stability of the Dk value is plank to guarantee the reliability of the Df values should be small as far as possible, in order to reduce loss of signal. On a large scale, and, in some high speed data transmission system will be used in some high frequency plank. And some products have no halide. Because now use halogen free plate is not mandatory for the standards of the state, have the demand of company and not many, but Rogers is reserve for future needs. In addition: 2929 bonding sheet is Rogers company recently launched another high-performance circuit plank product. It is a kind of glass fiber reinforced thin hydrocarbon bonding sheet, can be used for high performance, high reliability, a multilayer structure. The product under the microwave frequency Dk to 2. 9, low Df ( Less than zero. 003). , very suitable for pressing laminated matchs with high-performance circuit board materials. It can use the traditional flat press pressing and vacuum chamber pressure machine, it can provide 0. 0015, 0. 002 and 0. The thickness of 003 inches.
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