Dongguan circuit board factory, learn the knowledge of circuit boards in the hole and welding plate

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-12
Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. 一个。 The size of the hole metallization ( As shown in figure 20. 8) Metallized hole must be large enough to required metal deposition in the hole wall. Minimum aperture should be after plating thickness 3/4. According to the proportion, can use the standard plating equipment in each hole hole wall deposition of 0. 0005-0. 002 inches of gold. Deposition on the surface of the plate, the metal amount will reach double holes in metal. Smaller hole, of course, also can plating, but the deposition on the surface of metal and the hole will increase the proportion of the metal. As shown in figure 20. 8 metallized hole size and the relationship between the total thickness of the PCB depends on the degree of maturity to which a plating process. As aforesaid, the thickness of the multilayer printed circuit board for the proportion of metallized hole size ( Plating) There is a limit. The smallest size hole metallization is total by the plate thickness, element wire diameter and the appropriate proportion of electroplating. Usually, the strength and reliability of the metallized hole increases with the size of the hole. Circuit board factory, the smallest aperture of metallized hole and the thickness of the multilayer PCB relationships often depends on the degree of maturity to which a plating process. In general, size small and deep holes is larger than the aperture and shallow hole is more difficult to electroplating. Dongguan b PCB manufacturer. Welding plate and welding plate hole size is directly related to the size of the multilayer printed circuit board can be productive. A better experience method is bonding pad at least twice of the borehole diameter, but in today's high technology, to allow such large proportion is almost impossible. After considering the hole metallization aperture shrinks, so has the size of the hole must be bigger than the required nominal diameter 0. 004-0. 007 inches. Nc drilling machine can bore 40 ~ 180 times per minute. If there are several kinds of the size of the hole in printed circuit board, remember that the time needed for the cobalt in the replacement of a head, nc drill hole drilling about 1700. Therefore, the size of hole type less, the drilling the less downtime, cost will be low. On the other hand to hole the size of the halo effect costs. If the size of the hole more than 0. 125 - inch, may be printed circuit board is fixed on a special fixture; Drilling by hand, this kind of manual drilling cost is quite high, accuracy is poor.
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