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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-07
Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multilayer circuit board production, advanced HDI board, circuit boards, blind hole buried thick copper PCB proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. Which contains in the high-end electronic products SMT/PCBA processing such as core business. Under the same cost we faster delivery, under the same delivery speed our costs are lower. At present, the Rocket PCB circuit has PCB circuit board production base and technology research and development base, in the domestic several major electronic product design center layout service center, has for more than 2000 customers worldwide rapid electronic manufacturing services. Rocket PCB circuit board production factory is located in baoan district, dongguan city, factory introduced advanced circuit board equipment, hiring of experienced professional talent for management. Scale is a powerful, well-equipped, strict management, excellent quality of circuit board production enterprise. Rapid development since the company founded in 2011, the scale, has more than 8000 square meters workshop. On the delivery order number more than 7000 varieties. Existing staff of more than 300 people, products, SGS ISO9001 certification, as well as from the European Union ROHS lead-free product certification and the United States UL certification. Introduced a complete set of advanced production equipment, has trained a professional team engaged in PCB processing, the sound from the market development, engineering design, the PCB SMT processing production of one-stop service. Company to produce high quality products, repay society management purposes. Have several talents for enterprises based on this, regards product quality as enterprise life, providing customers with the best quality products and most satisfactory services. PCB circuit board company now has from the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions to introduce a full set of printed circuit board production and testing equipment, has a number of highly qualified management, scientific research and technical personnel and well-trained staff. Cover 1 - circuit board products 30 layers, which are widely used in industrial control, electric power, medical, automotive, security, computer, consumer electronics, defense, transportation, science and education development, automotive, aerospace and other high-tech areas, main products involve hole double-sided PCB and multilayer high precision circuit boards, blind hole buried plate, high-frequency boards, thick copper foil board, laminated board, metal substrate, mix medium board, HDI board, plate, flexible circuit board, soft hard couple, can processing thick copper winding, resin plug hole, ladder groove, countersunk hole and so on special process is our specialty, can also according to customer demand for products design research and development of new technology, to meet customers' special product personalization process and quality requirements. Dongguan Rocket PCB manufacturers
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Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.’s purpose is to create superior value for our customers, employees, communities and investors through the production, conversion, delivery and sale of energy and energy services.
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