2006 buyer guide: special suppliers section.

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Sao Paulo 3 m center, MN 55144 651-733-6577, fax 651-736-1587 www. 3m.
Com/phototool see our ad on P
Abba rubber International Limited13510 E.
Philadelphia Street
Ontario, CA 91761 909-947-1244, fax 909-947-6997 www. abbarubber.
Rubber International Limited
Is the world\'s leading manufacturer of precision rubber rollers.
ABBA recycles and manufactures precision products for the equipment of various printed circuit board manufacturers, such as laminating machines, viscous, wet processing rollers and forming parts.
ABBA is still the exclusive manufacturer of theACCUTHERM [TM]roller. The ACCUTHERM[TM]
Compared to conventional rollers, the rollers contain near-perfect temperature distribution, providing an end-to-end temperature distribution. The ACCUTHERM[TM]
Rollerscan is made for most laminating machines. Accutrace Inc.
3072 Scott Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054 847-806-0003, fax 847-806-0004 www. PCB4U.
Accutrace is a trusted partner for customers looking for value-added PCB suppliers.
Using our \"service is second to none\" approach, Accutrace has become a \"preferred\" supplier for customers who require high quality single, double, multi-product
Layering a prototype or production at a competitive price.
Mailbox: Sales @ 20174u
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45 Arlon technology innovation 9433 Dr Hyssop
Kakamenga Ranch, CA 91730 909-987-9533, fax 909-987-8541 www. arlon-med.
Manufacture of copper-coated foil and pre-dip materials for electronic products (
Adhesive material)
For high performance, SMT, R/F and microwave dual
Two-sided or multi-layer printed circuit board.
Arlonproduct includes high temperature (
Epoxy resin)
Thermoelectric group system, low dielectric constant/low loss material based on four fluorine and other resin system, high dielectric constant lamination material, laser-
Ablatablenonwoven aromatic woven material for SMT and microvia applications (
Including the new \"green\" system)
, As well as various products designed for the connection of heat pipes and radiators.
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28 Beta layout 2033 gateway Square, Suite 500 San Jose, CA 95110 877-390-8541, fax 866-557-1249 www. pcbpool.
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CMR 30 summit technology 850 Selkirk
514-Claire 3S3, Quebec, Canada428-1229, fax 514-428-5953 www. cmrsummit.
Com CMR Summit Technologies specializes in providing customers with the ideas, products and services they need to maintain a valuable competitive advantage.
With you from start to finish
Computer-aided engineering design and manufacture of professional circuit boards.
Chemcut Corporation, 500 Science Park Road.
State University, PA 16803 814-272-2825, fax 814-272-5205 www. chemcut.
Net Chemcut Corporation is a leading supplier of wet processing equipment in the PCB industry and works with the best support team in the market.
We offer superior machines, competitive prices, best etching quality and replacement parts within 24 hours.
More than 15,000 sets of wet treatment systems are sold.
Major in circuit design
600 Dr. development
Suite 100 piano, TX 75074 972-424-1007, fax 972-424-0278 www. circuitdesign.
Complete and fast Com disc
Shift the assembly service from prototype to mid-
Quantity of horizontal production.
Our trained, certified technology and production equipment can be assembled in the following ways
Hole or SMT board, even-pitch BGAs.
Repairs and rework are also provided. Compufab Inc. P. O.
Box 68 Woodstown, NJ 08098 856-769-9050, fax 856-769-9058 www. compufab.
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26 downstream technology 563 Main St
Bolton, MA 01740 800-535-3226 www. downstreamtech.
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EMA Design Automation P. O.
Box 23325, Rochester, New York 14692-585334-6001, fax 585-334-6693 www. ema-eda.
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2001 eFabPCB, 3, 9 and 15 randmeier Road.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 877-332-2722, fax 847-290-9823 www. efabpcb.
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5630 Dr. pioneer Creek
Maple Leaf plain, MN 55359 763479-2008, fax 763-479-3344 www.
Electronic Chemicals
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Electronic interconnect, 2700 West Tushi Avenue.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 800-364-4844, fax 847-364-4892 www. eiconnect.
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27 electronic Workbench 801-111 Peter St.
Toronto, Canada, M5V 2H1 416-977-5550, fax 416-977-1818 www.
Electronic workbench.
Com saw our ad on Cover 2 Enthone Inc.
/Cookson Electronics 350 Street Road.
West Haven, CT 06516 203-799-4904, fax 203-799-1513 www.
Cooksonelectronics. Connaught company
Provide comprehensive integrated process solutions for PWB manufacturing industry.
ENTHONE chemistry includes entek plus OSPs, AlphaLEVEL organo-
Metal silver, tin immersion, en Thone DSR welding mask, DMS-
Replacement of metal system, Copper Cup copper cup and alphaprep oxide.
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1603 Watson field Milpitas, CA 95035 408-635-3550, fax 408-956-8278 www. fit4flex.
Design, manufacture and assemble flexible circuits, rigid-
From quickturn prototypes to flex and HDI flex for mass production.
Features include thin line, micro vias, high level count, RoHS compliance and Mil-Specification compliance.
Sales Contact: SueGraham.
Email: sue @ fit4flexcom.
309 S Cloverdale St front panel Express
Washington State Seattle 98108 206-768-0602, fax 206-768-0679 www.
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46 19800 MacArthur Avenue, GHDsign.
Suite 520 Irving, CA 92612 949-553-7777, fax 949-553-7778 www. ghdsign.
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Hallmark circuit 46
13500 Daniel Johnson Street
Warwick, California 92064-858513-2200, fax 858-453-1409 www.
Hallma rkCircuits.
Com hall circuit, Inc. --
\"Time-pressed Advanced Technology PCB specialist.
Reliability and solutions for pcb challenges, speed and technical requirements (
Impedance, B & B, VIP, HDI microvia, RF, mixed media)
Please contact our value added engineering support team. Visit us at www.
Com & tour of our stateof-the-art72,000 sq. ft. facility.
Imagination engineering
IL 180 60007 Martin Lane, Elk Grove Village 847-806-0003, fax 847-806-0004 www. pcbnet.
Com was founded in 1985, fantasy, Inc.
Is a value-added PCB company focusing on rapid turn prototypes and production.
Whether on the phone or on the Internet, Imagineeringwill will continue to provide you with the best service and price.
Mailbox: Sales @ shopnet
See our ad on P. 44 Innov-
10 Gill Street X system
Set Q version wo, MA 01801-781938-5005, fax 781-938-0128 www. innov-xsys.
Com interception technology
1819 Peachtree Road
, 100 Atlanta, GA 30309 404-352-0111, fax 404-352-3744 www. intercept.
Com interception technology
Pantheon offering RF, mixing, MCM, analog, digital and hybrid-
The signal design layout is all in one application, seamlessly integrated with the dynamics Aix schematic capture, the INDX library management, and 25 database converters, thus achieving a simple transmission path.
Based on ASCII, platform-
Real-time, leading application design for users
Edge design technology.
Fraser K & F Electronics, Grosbeck highway 33041, MI 48026 586-294-8720, fax 586-294-5999 www. circuitboards.
K & F Electronics
More than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
We are a company dedicated to building relationships with our customers.
Our 30 years of business experience is perfect for special procedures or needs.
Quality delivery is available 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or 5 days. 3-
Standard shipping for 4 weeks. MacDermid Inc. 245 Freight St.
Waterbury, CT 06702 203-575-5700, fax 203-575-7990 www. macdermid.
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McCurdy circuit supply, 4848 Lake View Avenue. , Suite 202-
Yorba Linda, CA 92886 714-425-3235, fax 714-242-1952 www. mccurdy.
Com test fixture pin and fixture supply-
New and recycled Mentor Graphics company1811 Pike Rd.
Longmont, CO 80501 800547-3000, fax 720-494-1266 www. mentor.
Com you can find answers to all PCB design challenges through the solution of Mentor Graphics.
Three of our markets.
Leading Traffic, mats, adventure and board stations are unique, but their advantages are complementary.
No other company can offer you such a complete solution.
Mentor Graphics PCB design solutions will provide you with high returns-on-
Invest, eliminate risks in purchasing decisions, and reduce design time.
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Precise grinding of 17211 Morse Street in the Midwest 19, 21, 23 and 4.
Lowell in 46356 219-696-4060, fax 219-696-4062 www. Midwestaccurate.
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46 national graphic supply at 1848 West 11 Street
, Highland, CA 91786 909-981-5655, fax 909-981-6332 www. ngspcb.
Established in 1974, Com National Graphic Supply is a National distributor of Konica and Fuji silver film, NGS and Folex diazo film and other related photographic tool products.
We provide a high level of technical support from our 10 technical experts to enhance the artwork of our customers.
We are the only company that offers a photo quality management system. NexLogic 345 E. Brokaw Rd.
San Jose, CA 95112 888-639-5644, fax 408-436-8156 www. nexlogic.
Com Nexlogic is the preferred provider for all PCB design services, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly and leads
Free assembly and contract manufacturing services are provided.
Our customers rely on us to handle all the features of their printed circuit board project. Oak-
Mitsui technology 80 1st St
Hosike falls 12090-518, NY686-8088, fax 518-686-8080 www. oakmitsui. com Oak-
Mitsui technology provides licensed buried capacitors (BC)
Material under rail 1.
Our FaradFlex materials have a dielectric thickness of 24, 16, 12 and 8 microns.
It is compatible with standard internal layer handling and is sturdy and flexible.
All products are pre Hi-Pot(High-Potential)
Tested at 500 volts.
There are now higher Dk, ceramic loading versions.
Online electronics 1550 Higgins Road.
122 Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-290-8690, fax 847-290-8691 www. pcb41ess.
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45 PCB car Chang ban li 1-2-
401, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, long class Township 310014-571-
87013819, Fax 86-571-87036705 www. pcbcart.
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PCB Fab Express 1070 West Evelyn Avenue.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 408-857-0039 www. pcbfabexpress.
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44 composite laminate products
/Cookson Electronics 40 industrial park Dr, Franklin, NH 03235 603-934-5642, fax 603-934-2670 www.
Com composite laminate provides a comprehensive integrated process solution for the PWB manufacturing industry.
The composite materials include highly reliable CAF-resistant laminated materials, pre-dip materials and resins-coated foils;
Poly halogen-
Free and pi material.
Precision Technology Company
Midway Court, building 1500
W103, elkgrove Village, IL 60007 847-439-5447, fax 847-439-5448 www. eprotos.
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Printing Circuit Corporation4467 Park Dr.
Suite E Norcross, 6A 30093 770-638-8658, fax 770-638-8659 www. pcc-i.
Printing circuit company
It is a manufacturing and assembly factory for high-tech printed circuit boards.
The PCC is 25,000 s. f.
Fully equipped facilities in Norcross (Atlanta), Georgia.
Quality First, zero defect is our goal, customer satisfaction is our pride.
Please feel free to visit our website: www. pcc-i. com.
QA Technology Co. , Ltd. Inc.
Farm Road 110
Hampton, NH 03842 603-926-1193, fax 603-926-8701 www. qatech.
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29 RBP Chemical Technology Co. , Ltd. 150 S. 118th St. P. O.
Milwaukee 14069 box with restaurant 53214 414-258-0911, fax 414-258-7908 www. rbpchemical.
Chemical for circuit metal processing, internal layer formulation layer lamination, hole preparation and electrolytic plating bath.
455 Forest Street Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
Marlborough, MA 01752 508-229-7646, fax 508-229-
Electronic materials 0854. rohmhaas.
Com imaging and metal products for manufacturing rigid and rigid flexible printed circuit boards.
New product areas include inkjet welding technology, lead technology
Free HASL and NPEfreematerials.
Our product line covers a wide range of materials and chemistry used in PCB manufacturing, such as chemical and electrolytic plating chemistry, liquid and dry film anti-photoresist, liquid and dry film welding masks, replacement and traditional oxide surface treatment, surface treatment chemicals, laminated and laminated materials, embedded optical waveguide materials embedded passive equipment and process equipment.
Ancestor Sierra 1108 West Green Avenue.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 800-763-7503, fax 408-735-1408 www. protoexpress.
Com saw our ad on cover 3 Starflex 52 Meadowcroft St.
Malowell 01852 978-937-3889, fax 978-453 2821 www. starflex.
See our ad on P.
1115 Las Brisas Place plac, CA 92870 714-524-8525, fax 714-524-8526 www. superior-processing.
See our ad on P. 45 Technic Inc. 1 Spectacle St.
Cranston, RI 02910 401781-6100, fax 401-781-2890 www. technic.
Real-Time Analyzer (RTA)
On-line analysis and control for electrolytic copper plating system.
Uyemura 240 town line.
Southington, CT 06489 860-793-4011, fax 860-793-4020 www. uyemura.
Uyemura is the world\'s leading supplier of electroless nickel/leaching and chemical gold systems.
We are also a leader in North America with the highest customer retention rates in the industry.
We also offer superior silver dipping techniques and truly unique high-throwing nickel and copper acid processes.
See our ad on P. 18 Vicor Corp.
Linjie Road, 25 Andover, MA 01810-5413 800-735-6200, fax 978-475-6715 www. vicr.
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