Xiaomi\'s India plan may create 50,000 jobs

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-15
China\'s Xiaomi is trying to bring its global parts suppliers to India.
The smartphone company, which has taken the lead in the local market since the end of 2017, received about 50 suppliers in guluk on Monday.
It is also trying to build a bridge between parts manufacturers mainly from China and delegates from Northern and Andhra Pradesh governments.
Key management personnel in Shenzhen-
Headquartered in BYD Electronics and O-
Huizhou film Technology Co. , Ltd.
Biel Crystal manufacturing factory in Yuyao city-
Headquartered in Ningbo, Hunan
Technology based on lens technology will, among other things, visit proposed locations in both states to establish manufacturing units.
Chinese component manufacturers, mainly assembling mobile phones and producing cover glass, camera lens, camera module and mobile chip, are expected to finalize the plan after understanding the mobile phone ecology
The system in this country.
If all suppliers set up bases in India, it could bring in an investment of at least Rs 15,000 and create 50,000 jobs, Xiaomi said.
The company entered India in the medium term.
2014, and won the first place in the smartphone market in less than four years.
According to the government\'s phased manufacturing plan, import taxes on parts have increased significantly in recent months.
According to Phase 1 2017-
18. The government has tried to increase the production of machinery and molds.
Cut parts, microphone and receiver, keyboard and USB cable.
Fy19 for printed circuit boards (PCB), camera modules and connectors.
Other key components, such as the display assembly, the touch panel, the vibrator motor and the ring, are reserved for the fy20.
This has the potential to weaken Xiaomi\'s operations as it relies on offering phones at competitive prices.
As the government accelerates the pace of local smartphone manufacturing, Xiaomi is trying to take the lead.
Recently, its head of business in India and globally
President Manu Kumar Jain met with key figures from the Union government
Information technology Ravi Shankar Prashad, minister of commerce Suresh Prabhu and chief executive\'s nickel titanium Aayog Amitab Kant-
Discuss the Role of Xiaomi in Indian manufacturing and digital India plans.
Xiaomi teamed up with Foxconn, a mobile phone supplier in Tamil Nadu, to begin assembling PCB.
This will help reduce the cost of mobile phones, as local assembly means a value increase of up to 16% from the current ten per cent.
PCB is more than half the manufacturing cost of mobile phones.
Xiaomi plans to purchase its internal demand for PCBs locally by September.
Growing demand in recent quarters has put supply pressure on its two mobile phone manufacturing companies that work with Foxconn.
In order to increase production, Xiaomi has also started purchasing from four other companies --
One of Noida works with Hipad, a power bank supplier, and three with Foxconn\'s Sriperumbudur in Sri Lanka City, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
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