these high-school students found a way to make any headphones wireless

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-15
Wireless headsets have been around for a while, but a device that can make any old headphones wirelessly is coming on the market.
The team behind the Spiro X1 started their Kickstarter campaign today, hoping to give you a No. strings-
Listening experience. The Spiro X1 (
Or \"X1\" for short \")
Is a circular device that plugs into the headset using a connection usually connected by a wire.
The user simply disconnects the wire from the headphone jack and then inserts the X1 into its position.
Once connected, Bluetooth technology allows users to listen to music and answer calls through headphones without physical wires.
In addition to making the headset wireless, the customer can also use the product to answer the phone, play or pause the song using the x1 center button, and adjust the volume through the side button.
It is also worth noting that the proprietary circuit board of x1 and the nearWeightlessness (
It weighs less than a pound, with an estimated diameter of 38mm and a thickness of about 12mm).
Spiro\'s founder and CEO, Daniel Greenberg, at his first meeting of the Startup Club at his high school in New Rochelle, NY, his headphone line got stuck, which made him haveY.
\"I said to myself, \'Why are there physical wires with these technologies?
\"My team and I are starting to change this,\" he said . \". Thus, Spiro --
It means \"sound\" in Latin. -was born.
Spiro X1 fee by Micro
USB and battery--not user-replaceable --
It is expected to last more than five hours.
Its retail price is $50, although people who order in advance can buy it at a lower price.
Wireless headsets are currently on the market for only $8, or even up to $200.
The emerging company has attracted three angel investors and zPark Capital, a Silicon Valley venture Capital company (
It used to be zPark Venture)
Both expressed \"significant interest\", according to Greenberg \".
Greenberg hopes to raise $75,000 at the Kickstarter event and use the money to make the product.
Any funds that exceed the target of the activity will be used to hire more team members and engineers, or to increase inventory.
At present, Greenberg\'s team consists of two other high school students and two employees. -
Another high school student and a college graduate.
In just a few months, Greenberg will also attend university at New York University\'s Stern School of Business.
It is a natural choice for a person who has a pioneering spirit since childhood.
\"I always have a lemonade stand [as a kid]
I shoveled the snow. to earn money],” he said.
Ultimately, the desire to license the Spiro X1 and its design to major headphone companies will be a step towards over-doingarching plan.
\"We hope that in a few years the wires will no longer exist and that the spiral X1 will be the new ones,\" Greenberg said . \".
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