Rocket introduction to PCB circuit board PCB circuit buried blind Kong Jieshao

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-18
The definition of a buried blind holes, PCB circuit boards, PCB circuit board buried blind hole of the IPC standard of blind hole resin filling ( IPC - 600克) PCB circuit boards of buried blind distributed copper thickness requirements ( IPC - 6012B) Three, buried blind holes, the difficulties in processing circuit board of the thin plate electroplating electroplating for many times, copper etching thickness uniformity and increased difficulty of PCB circuit boards of the blind hole and the hole on the warp degrees more than two and timeliness, the contraction of the inner core board blind holes to fill plastic blind hole buried in addition to the four rubber, PCB circuit board of blind hole machining process control inner bore the main points of the laminated plate should level off, do not have a bow bend processing presser foot pressure aluminium, prevent to produce larger burr sheet ( < 3毫米) Grinding with hard board mat below, to prevent the deformation of grinding inner sink copper, upset when grinding machine to clean the whole board before sink copper plating < 5 mm core board using plates box full plate processing all use 1500 # sandpaper hole after plating copper thickness according to the IPC standards for processing, engineering MI will require copper thick indicate clear inner graphics, inspection before dealing with grinding plate need to do the wear test, < 15 mm plate in the engine IS a slight corrosion on the universal grinding machine to open the first set of brush light grinding processing, ensure the panel shall have no oxidation. The corners of the matchups center of symmetry, to guarantee the edge para PAD is to become a broken phenomenon. Check board four matchups PAD is to become a broken phenomenon. Pressing sheet note empty riveting height adjustment. Steel plate clean, prevent the dent in the glue not in addition to the net. From type membrane with buckling, flow glue is too much, affect the plastic blind hole during drilling target layer in drilling targets. When drilling target every 5 PNL flip check with unbiased phenomenon. It is not allowed to use S1000B and S1000 - blind hole filling 2 b of PP. Plastic blind hole glue in sink copper removal to drilling sewage processing, to drill the dirt on the universal grinding machine after grinding plate processing not remove clean plate can only manual grinding micro erosion micro erosion front of parking panels copper thick, if there is any difference ( The plate between the average 10 um or higher) Micro erosion, classification. Micro erosion first before confirm parameters to ensure that the number of micro erosion is even, and micro erosion at both the front and lead times. Micro erosion of parking surface copper thickness, if there are any abnormal, timely stop processing, adjusting processing parameters. Micro corrosion when adding drugs, by number of PNL remain stable for a micro corrosion fluid. Hole plate when the hands of the board, level set into the positioning pin, and not fit downbeat, prevent damage to the target holes. Processing first article inspection before test hole, confirm the offset and contract, if there are any damage, notify the engineer to deal with. Outer graphics, check use porn counterpoint, ten times mirror check hole and blind hole alignment, refer to the four corners of the plate edge, blind hole para PAD. Outer check with ten times check blind hole alignment and the mirror, not broken. Etching etching to identify and measure the minimum line width, before do the first thing after confirm qualified reproduction. Pay attention to check the blind hole edge when machining and BGA etching effect, prevent the phenomenon of owe corrosion and etching is not clear.
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