Paul love the father of the circuit board, the legendary life

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-19
The inventor of the printed circuit board is Austrian Paul le (love PaulEisler) In 1936, he adopted the printed circuit board a radio. In 1943, americans will be extensive use of the technology in the military radio. In 1948, the United States formally recognised the invention used for commercial purposes. On June 21, 1950, Paul love le have the circuit board of invention patent, just 60 years so far. This was known as the 'father of circuit board,' the reputation, its rich life experience, but rarely known by PCB circuit board manufacturers counterparts. 12 buried layer blind hole PCB PCB/PCB is, in fact, love, life story in his autobiography 'my life and the printed circuit described in it, like a mystery novel, full of the subject matter of persecution. Love, 1907 was born in Austria, in 1930 graduated from the university of Vienna, a bachelor's degree in engineering. He appeared at that time was the inventor's talent. But his primary goal is to find a job on a non Nazi land. But he was special environment, makes the jewish Austrian engineer to escape from the 1930 s as a result, in 1934, he found a in Belgrade, Serbia work for the train design of electronic systems - Can make passengers through headphones personal records, like the iPod. But, at the end of the work, provide food, rather than pay the money. Therefore, he only returned to his hometown in Austria. Return to Austria, love, contribute for a newspaper, founded the radio magazines, and printing technology to learn. Printing is quite powerful technology in the 1930 s, he began to think how to make the printing technology applied to the insulation base circuit, and put into production big goods. In 1936, he decided to leave Austria. He invited to work in Britain, based on two patents have been proposed: one is the graphic image record, another line is a vertical resolution of 3 d TV. His television patent sold 250 francs, that's enough in hampstead, an apartment on a period of time, this is a good thing, because he can't find a job in London. There's a telephone company really like his idea of printed circuit boards - It can eliminate the bundles of wires used in the telephone system. Due to the outbreak of world war ii, love, think of some way to get his family to leave Austria. Committed suicide at the start of the war, his sister, he detained by the UK as an illegal immigration. Even locked up, love, still thinking about how to help the war. When released, love si le Henderson& for printed music company; A default. Initially, his goal is to improve the company's drawing music typewriter, not in the lab, but in a bombed out building work. The company's boss H. V。 Strong force love, signed all patents in the study. This is not the first time, is not love, to be used for the last time. Work in the military is one of the troubles of his identity: he had just been released. But he still went to military contractors, discuss how his printed circuit used in the war. Through his Henderson& Default by work, love, developed using foil etching in the concept of substrate recorded traces. His first piece of circuit board looks more like a plate of spaghetti. He applied for a patent in 1943. At first no one really attach importance to this invention, until it has been applied to the shell fuze used to shoot down V - 1 buzz bombs. After that, love, work, and a little fame. After the war, this technology has been spread. The United States in 1948, all airborne instruments must be printed. Love, 1943 of the patent has finally been divided into three separate patent: 639111 ( 3 d printed circuit board) , 639178 ( Foil technology of printed circuit boards) , and 639179 ( Powder printing) 。 The three patents published in June 21, 1950, but only a few firms have patent license. In the 1950 s, the love, once again to be used, this is during the national research and development work in the company. The organization is basically let the cat out of the love, the United States patent. But he continued to experiment and invention. He came up with the battery foil, heating the wallpaper, pizza oven, concrete mold, back window defrosting and so on. He succeeded in the medical field, died in 1992, life has dozens of patents. He had just won the association of electrical engineers of nuffield silver medal.
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