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KOCHI: technical department of Network Systems and Technology Co. , Ltd (NeST)
Gao Zhi-based group is planning an initial public offering (IPO)
In the second half of 2014, K. B. Gopalakrishnan, chief financial officer of NeST Group\'s SFO Technologies, said.
The chill that has been hanging over the IPO market has forced the group to postpone its planned IPO for fiscal 2010.
\"We want to have an IPO in 2009 --
2010, but this period is not good for the global economy.
\"Therefore, we have postponed to 2014 due to market volatility,\" said Gopalakrishnan . \".
\"Our dream is to be $1.
We already have a billion companies by 2015, but with organic growth, we will not be able to reach that level.
\"We plan to achieve inorganic growth by acquiring companies in the US and Europe,\" said Gopalakrishnan . \".
NeST bought two Swedish companies.
Aurora Borealis and Sweden-
A few years ago.
These technology acquisitions are not intended to complement growth, but to acquire expertise in the field of optoelectronic.
However, due to the economic downturn in Europe, the company chose a wait-and-see approach to further acquisitions there.
\"There is more hope in North America.
\"Compared to Europe, the US is a bigger market for US and its economy is showing signs of recovery,\" said Gopalakrishnan . \".
Founded by Javad K Hassan, US-based and Kochi-based N Jehangir, NeST Group consists of two technology companies: SFO Technologies and NeST, with a total turnover of Rs 800 for fiscal 2012.
Science Park, Trivan-
NesT focuses on developing engineering software and producing middleware and firmware.
The first is software that helps build networks between different types of databases, operating systems, and networks, and the second is software that is programmed on hardware.
The the company at present have 1,200 engineer in Technopark work 200 Money annual income for 2012 rupees.
SFO technology in Kochin special economic zone (CSEZ)
, Produce more
Layer printed circuit board (PCB)
Assembly, wiring harness and complex box structure.
The company earned 600 rupees in fiscal 2012.
The company operates JKH technology center in CSEZ, which has 100 engineers working on research and development of communications, healthcare and transportation products.
In addition to technology companies, NeST Group also has business in the trade of condiments and flavoring, packaging water, rice and spices.
Consolidated income rather
In fiscal 150, the group\'s technology operations were RS 2012.
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