look for product lifestyle management when choosing an ems supplier.

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-22
Whether you\'re an OEM engineer or a purchasing director, it\'s not always easy to find an e-Manufacturing Service (EMS)
Companies suitable for outsourcing projects such as assembly of printed circuit boards, wire/cable harness orbox-building.
Is quality and on-time delivery very important to you?
Maybeengineering design and rapid prototyping services are your first choice.
Perhaps you are more interested in ability and are quick to focus on your project.
If you\'re like most OEMs, you want all of this and so on.
This paper will study the benefits of product lifecycle management (PLM)
, And several other features that are often overlooked but critical to OEM/EMS
Duration of cooperation.
PLM skills EMS suppliers operate within the product life cycle of the OEM.
Whether OEM offers a product line to the market or multiple product lines, emssuppers need to understand and fully adapt to where the product is in the product lifecycle phase.
If not, engineering changes may take longer and more cost;
The proposed product improvement may never be resolved;
Safety inventory items may not receive the attention they deserve.
As a result, there are many benefits to a systematic and organized PLM focus.
The first and most important thing is manufacturing design (DFM).
This concept can appear at any time in the product life cycle;
However, it is more valuable in the design and concept stages.
Like it sounds, DFM is a forward
A way of thinking to design or redesign a printed circuit board or harness to achieve the best practical manufacturing.
The focus is on efficient throughput, cost management and product reliability.
For example, during the design phase, EMS electronic engineers can select components for the harness using fully automated device components, where there are only semi-automated device components
Automation equipment is available.
The former reduces the cost;
The latter increases them.
Another example is a printed circuit board design that needs to conform to the product housing specifications or dimensions of the abox housing.
Some products have parameter limits on overall size, weight and shape.
EMS engineers can help DFM input to meet the appropriate gaps and spaces while focusing on cost management.
Once the design is completed, the EMS supplier will build several prototypes for validation and research.
OEM engineers test the functionality, reliability and durability.
If there are design modifications, the engineer will discuss them using DFM and then assemble the prototype to verify them.
This process may be repeated multiple times before moving the project to a pilot or production phase-
Depending on the employer\'s strategy.
The second benefit of PLM\'s focus is in the pilot phase.
This is an OEM program for testing the acceptance of the product on the defined and selected market.
For example, 200 diagnostic meters used by maintenance technicians in the medical device industry may be rolled out and delivered to the Midwest.
After a specific time period, the product manager will visit with the technician to collect feedback on product performance and overall functionality.
This data is passed on to the engineers and EMS companies of the OEM.
The proposed changes are included in the final modification.
As engineers are involved throughout the project, these adjustments are often quick, accurate and cost-effective.
In the growth stage, in order to increase demand and quantity, people pay full attention to advertising strategy and marketing research.
The third benefit of PLM\'s focus is to reduce material and labor costs.
When an OEM product is successfully launched, accepted, and operated in the market, the sales team usually tries to anticipate the demand, usually once a year.
The estimated annual unit (EAU)
The quantity forecast is for the purchasing or purchasing manager who in turn works with EMScompany.
For example, the diagnostic instrument predicts 2,500, 5,000, 7,500 and 10,000 euros.
These numbers and ranges depend on many variables such as advertising, competition, and distribution.
Once EMS has this data, it will work with its material supply base to reduce costs and achieve economies of scale based on their respective production modelsunit volumes.
Finally, at some point, OEM products reach market saturation and sales begin to decline.
This usually starts to surface at the maturity stage, as evidence of financial indicators is now an indicator of the beginning of a formal determination of options.
The decision to extend the life of the product by adding or reducing features is likely to change the design and functionality of the printed circuit board-
Example using diagnostic instruments.
Similarly, OEMcan seeks input from EMS suppliers in cost analysis and assembly design.
In fact, EMS suppliers have been adjusting and participating in the initial phase of PLM, which makes it easier to manage the product descent phase.
For example, OEM can consult EMSsupplier (1)
Looking for changes that best suit the DFM approach ,(2)
Seek to reduce costs and/or (3)
Seek changes and needs for next-generation product expansion. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Do not compromise more than ever, OEMs seek and demand sustainability and sustainability factors for EMS suppliers in terms of quality, delivery and service.
When evaluating a new EMS vendor, these performance metrics are not fully displayed until after these-
It\'s too late.
Cost reduction is an eternal theme throughout the original equipment manufacturer;
Poor management of EMS projects can hinder and slow this pursuit.
That\'s why it\'s important to be able to predict results with new EMS vendors to a certain extent.
Seeking an EMS supplier with operational knowledge and experience in the product lifecycle phase ---
From concept to growth and maturity to revision/expansion.
If it focuses on PLM, performance metrics for quality, delivery, engineering, and customer service should have high value and consistency.
Kurt Hartwig is director of international marketing and sales of electronic technology at Wis atkinburg.
Hartwig received a bachelor\'s degree and an MBA from Concordia University in Wisconsin.
He has more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing companies, starting with a skilled industry and then moving into marketing and sales.
He is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.
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