How to ensure normal operation of circuit board at high temperatures

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-01
Circuit board work environment is different, its material is not the same, some need to work in low temperature environment, some need to work in high temperature environment, which requires PCB material according to the actual situation and choose the corresponding materials, today is talk about multilayer PCB circuit board under the environment of high temperature above 100 degrees should use what kind of material. Below is about the PCB board need long-term work under 150 ℃, can meet the requirements? Involves the temperature problem, here is something about PCB in the Tg value choice, first of all to say that is the Tg values, Tg value refers to the glass transition temperature of the CORE, you can understand for softening temperature. Hierarchical, ordinary TG130 TG170 TG150 high TG, TG in different temperature corresponding to the use of FR - 4 glass fiber sheet Tg values are not the same, such as: double-sided printed circuit board ( PCB circuit boards) 130 - About 140 degrees Celsius, common FR - can be used Tg values of 4 glass fiber sheets. 170 degrees Celsius temperature, which can use FR - 4 high bench plate, Tg values generally work long time under this temperature, the circuit board factory will recommend using Tg170 value, high stability of 260 degrees Celsius temperature, use the Tg values of polyimide materials. About the customers for a long time work under the high temperature of 150 ℃, Rocket PCB factory engineer advice & # 8221; In order to ensure the stability of the product suggest choosing raw benefit TG170 plank, can be long-term 150 degrees high temperature resistant & # 8221; And about the thickness of the PCB sandwich plate, it is according to the requirements of customers, the thickness can be processed.
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