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by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-28
The SMT hebei SMT fast prototype needs to note 1, BOM preparation: have accurate BOM table and silk screen drawings, you can print, but it is best to provide EXCEL and PDF electronic documents. Such a SMT engineers write programs can directly import the BOM into the software, can save time, improve the accuracy of the program. 2. Material preparation: according to the BOM list in order to check the material of materials and the total demand, SMT material require to have dishes, resistance capacity loss to best to five percent of the class, so I can better and faster clear tail, statement. 3. Stencil preparation: 0. More than 4 pih foot IC and contains BGA products, all need to open the laser stencil, its advanced production technology, SMT section can reduce a lot adverse factors. Other board are to etching steel net. Is the most conventional steel mesh size for semi-automatic printer ( * 470-340 550 * 650) . A stencil is best can one day before launch production to or complete PCB Gerber file. 4. Confirm the delivery and process: material transfer to the SMT factory, negotiate good delivery and lead or environmental protection, Export products need) Process, best can indicate in the BOM list. Once lead or lead-free process do wrong, you have no way to change it. 5. Engineering change and special notice: it is best to the project contact list, see single homework won't go wrong. SMT processing factory in hebei exemption 1, the material provided by the customer, but the online production, follow-up does not undertake supplementary food. 2, caused by the incoming material, bolt, such as PCB material fakes, unequal patch material packaging factory does not undertake any responsibility. 3, the production process of abnormal, need to communicate but couldn't be reached to the customer related personnel lead to can't confirm, shall have the right to the processing. 4, tin tin hole without leakage. 5, mount error caused by technical data, SMT factory does not undertake any responsibility. Hebei SMT SMT processing example is a nuanced industry, process need to be careful, careful, once do wrong would be easy to present the batch. So the handover clear and job specification are important. The above content by the shenzhen SMT template/batch processing factories: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, to provide the reference. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd to provide you with professional, SMT SMT, SMT processing, patch welding processing, SMT processing sample patch, patch, SMT PCBA SMT processing, SMT factory, SMT processing factory!
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