french police arrest four over lyon package bomb blast

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-03
Authorities say French police arrested four people on Monday after a parcel bomb exploded in the center of the southeastern city of Lyon last week, injuring 13.
Police are raiding a building on the outskirts of the city\'s southern city of oultima, hours after a 24-year-
Old Algerian IT student
According to the Paris prosecutor\'s office, the man\'s parents were later arrested and taken for questioning, and he was also a student of a second family relative, with France having jurisdiction over terrorism cases.
Lyon Mayor Gerard Collomb said police had no idea who the suspect was.
Interior Minister castanhe Castaner said at a press conference in Lyon that he had no further details about the suspect.
\"There is no certainty at this point,\" he said . \".
\"I ask you to let the investigation take its course.
Collomb said: \"When he got off the bus, the young man was arrested and when he found the police approaching, he put his hand in the air calmly.
The prosecutor added that the man\'s sister was also questioned, but she was not arrested.
Police have been looking for a man riding a bicycle near the scene of the explosion, wearing a green top and Bermuda shorts, carrying a dark dress
Colorful backpack.
He has been the target of a massive manhunt since late Friday, when an explosive device filled with screws and ball bearings was placed in front of a bakery, close to the center of Lyon on the corner of the historic two crowded pedestrian streets.
Police spread photos of the suspects on Twitter, saying they caused people with information to \"make\" calls.
Victims close to the investigation said the blast was likely to be acetone peroxide, or APEX, a volatile compound used in the deadly terrorist attack in Paris in November 13, 2015.
Investigators recovered small screws, ball bearings and batteries along with printed circuit boards and remote controls
Control the trigger device.
Officials later said the allegations were relatively weak.
13 people were injured in the explosion.
Eight women, four men, one 10-year-old girl -
Eleven of them needed hospital treatment.
None of their injuries are considered life.
Although authorities say some people need surgery to remove shrapnel.
France has been on high alert for a deadly jihadist terrorist attack that has killed more than 250 people since 2015.
Behind many attacks is the Islamic State group.
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