five things we learned when the tech nation tour came to cambridge

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-02
The strength of the Cambridge tech cluster is recognized around the world, and it was put in the spotlight last night when the tech nation traveled to the city.
The event was hosted by the Trinity center of Cambridge Science Park, where experts from different fields gathered to conduct online exchanges to discuss all digital issues.
Guests can also visit the new partner John Bradfield Center
It will be in the work center open to the Science Park later this year.
A panel discussion was held, the subject of the discussion is Cambridge tech entrepreneur and angel investor David Clifton, Bob driver, CEO of Cambridge Wireless, and Steve Marsh Jon Bradford, founder of Geospock, a big data company, who will serve as Bradford the head of the center.
Here are some of the things we learned.
Bradford, who created the Techstars Accelerator project before joining the Bradford center, said our city needs to better promote its achievements.
\"Cambridge is very bad at selling itself,\" he said . \"
\"Maybe it\'s time to start to be more self-boasting.
\"It\'s often misunderstood that Cambridge is a closed community and it\'s hard to get in, but few people who succeed here come from Cambridge itself.
Herman Houser, for example, is a person who came here and was welcomed --
This is an incredible melting pot that can attract people into and absorb them.
\"People come here and thrive and we need to continue to attract the best and brightest people.
\"The panel was hosted by Steven G. , CEO of the British tech city.
He explained that the UK is one of the only countries with specialized technical visa programs, and digital stars from all over the world can apply to work here and get recognition from the UK tech city for their visa application.
Obviously, the number of people using this program has increased by 5-
Turned over last year.
Fifty have been cited, and the UK is less than two years away from the EU, and one of the major concerns of companies in the region is that they are no longer attractive to the best employees from around the world.
Nielsen said that Repositive has noticed the impact of our upcoming departure from the EU: \"before voting, we received a lot of applicants from Europe, in addition to wanting to work for us, she said.
\"But once the vote happens, we notice a sudden drop in the number of applicants from abroad.
Maybe it\'s time for Cambridge to start promoting itself.
\"Cambridge is known for manufacturing, but he made it clear in his keynote speech that it is the city\'s largest business unit.
\"If you think about who is here, there are a lot of invisible companies doing great work,\" he said . \".
\"Abcam is one of the companies I started, producing antibodies.
It\'s like you make food or other items.
There is a lot of material science developing if you want to get PCBs (
Printed circuit board)
Or other electronic products, this is the place to do this.
Cleevely added that Cambridge has more company turnover than Manchester in excess of £ 50 per year, which means that our small cities perform better than Manchester --
North power company.
Abcam, one of the city\'s biggest success stories, was founded after Cleevely and Dr. Jonathan Milner met at a company\'s Christmas party.
\"Cambridge is successful because of its network;
Cambridge Network, Cambridge leading, Cambridge Wireless, Cambridge cleaning technology
Everyone in this room may be a member of one of them . \"
\"You meet people, you have ideas, you create value.
But these powerful networks are also a weakness, he added, because it means that people don\'t have much motivation to convey the greatness of the city to the outside world.
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