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by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-29
1, the color of the PCB no high and low side, can choose color, but may be PCB proofing stage under color extra charges. Usually is not commonly used color, purple, pink and black is not commonly used color, had better choose green, blue, etc. The commonly used color, does not need to increase the additional charges. 2, the design engineer is best good comprehensive inspection system of PCB board file first, make sure no mistake, if it is easy to see out the PCB factory engineer will tell you, such as some of the top PCB error is not easily detected, can't do? PCB proofing is to verify that you actually design the circuit of whether there is a problem, of course, such as: top circuit PCB factory engineer will use digital circuit simulation test, confirm the project list after arrange production. 3, if want to let the PCB circuit board becomes more sophisticated, so you have to have substantial things, for example, components placed in neatly, go line arranged orderly, some do well interference circuit, etc. , let a person have a look at it is Daniel. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd to provide you with professional proofing proofing and printing circuit board PCB, PCB, multilayer circuit board proofing, PCB, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, HDI board, PCB batch system board, circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB board factory, circuit board factory, circuit board factory!
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