technology; pcb disposal a big business

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Written by STUART diamondapdyml 1985, this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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For a growing number of companies, PCB is not a toxic waste issue but a source of new business.
New York state limits PCB fishing as the federal government tightens rules on disposal
With the continuous development of PCB detectors, processors and storage devices, stripe bass is also emerging.
At least 30 companies produce equipment to find, destroy or replace PCB-
They include small businesses such as GE, Westinghouse and PPM. in Tucker, Ga.
A company named after millions of phrases.
Almost all of them are selling new technologies.
Over the next 10 to 20 years, millions of Transformers, capacitors, electrical appliances and yard soil containing PCB must be found and discarded safely.
Total potential revenue is estimated at billions of dollars.
\"No matter where there is money, people will go after it,\" said Narain Hingorani, director of the PCB program at the Power Research Institute, funded by the power utilities industry.
The institute has promoted a variety of new PCB technologies and licensed one of its own products to detect PCB cheaply.
Advertising is very common.
In the snow in the Arctic, in human breast milk, they are found in the flesh of many coastal fish and creatures around the world.
PCB was first sold in 1929
Close relatives of pesticide DDT
Used as stabilizer in printing ink, paint, plastic, adhesive; as lubricants;
As an insulating material and coolant in electrical equipment, as well as flame retardant material.
About 0. 5 billion of PCB has been discarded;
In electronic devices, such as ballasts contained in fluorescent lamps, another 0. 75 billion pounds are still present.
In 1976, us pcb manufacturers were banned from advertising because it was found that this chemical could cause cancer in experimental animals, as well as liver damage and skin problems in humans. By Oct.
1 PCB this year-
The fully loaded electrical equipment must be removed from the food area by October. 1, 1988, 1.
5 million the capacitor must be replaced.
Many utilities, such as New York United Edison, voluntarily change most or all of their PCB-
Fully loaded equipment: it costs millions of dollars to clean up PCB leaks and fires every year.
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About 150,000 transformers are known to contain a large number of PCB.
In addition, of the 10% large transformers, about 35 million of the Transformers and the third of the 8 million non-household capacitors are considered to contain a small but large number of PCB in mineral oil.
Find them by time
Sampling tests per laboratory cost up to $100.
Last year, the Electric Power Research Institute developed a one-time $4 pocket --
Clor-size test kitN-
Oil can provide one
Answer live within five minutes by testing chlorine.
It was authorized to Dexsil company in Conn Hamdon.
Horiba instruments
Owen in California.
$25,000 X-
The ray fluorescence machine that gives the result in less than five minutes. S-
Cubed, San Diego, California
There is a $20,000 portable gas chromatography that can quickly read the soil contamination after the leak.
The traditional treatment is landfill, but there are only nine PCB dumps approved by the federal government.
State Danbury United carbide.
And McGraw-
The rolling pasture of Edison Company is ill.
, Co-developed a proprietary chemical method to flush the PCB out of all the internal gaps in the transformer that fills most or all of the PCB.
Last week, four Transformers in a pilot project met the federal standards for PCB
Free devices, says David M.
Reilly, general manager of the joint venture, Unison, Columbus, Ohio. For mineral-
Oil Transformers equipped with a small amount of PCB, various companies sell a method of cleaning oil to destroy toxic chemicals by stripping chlorine.
PPM is included in these companies;
SunOhio and Acurex in Canton, Ohio
Mountain View, California.
Other federal-licensed chemical processes are destroyed by a PCB in Kansas City, Missouri.
And the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.
The Georgian Electric Power Company, after research by the Electric Power Research Institute, is building a 500,000-gallon-a-
A year factory that selectively separates PCB from mineral oil using solvent.
Some companies are also working on the role of bacteria.
Although there are some air pollution problems, incineration is still the most economical.
Some commercial incinerators are licensed by the federal government, including Ensco of the Ark Dorado.
Silicone is a PCB replacement produced by GE, Westinghouse and others.
A version of this article was printed on page D00002 of the National edition on April 11, 1985, with the title: technology;
PCB disposal is a big business.
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