Repair PCB six commonly used methods

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-26
1. Appearance test by observing whether the circuit board and burning in the place, apply the copper whether there is fault, if there is a peculiar smell, smell the circuit boards have poor welding, interfaces, if there is a black moldy phenomenon such as gold finger. 2. Principle analysis this method is to analyze the working principle of a circuit board, some plate such as switching power supply for engineers, don't need to can know its working principle and circuit board drawing details, for engineer, know the PCB circuit board maintenance up simple schematic diagram. 3. Correlation method correlation method is one of the most commonly used method without drawing circuit board maintenance, proved to have very good effect, through the comparison to detect fault and plate state, the purpose of comparing the curve of the two pieces of PCB circuit boards of each node to detect anomalies. Circuit board repair 4. By method of circuit by circuit method is to make a circuit, the circuit after the mount is not integrated circuit can work, so as to verify the quality of integrated circuit to be tested. Determine the method can reach 100% accuracy, but the integrated circuit being measured type is various, encapsulation is complex, it is hard to all of the integrated circuit by a circuit. 5. State state method is to examine the components of normal work of the state, if a particular component status at work and do not conform to the normal state, then the device or the affected parts have a problem. State law is all maintenance means to judge one of the most prospective methods, the operation difficulty is not general engineer can master, need to have rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 6. Pass to kill all the components of testing again, until you find there is a problem of components, to achieve the purpose of repair, if encounter instrument can't detect elements, the new element is used to replace, ensure that all electronic devices on board are finally is good, and achieve the purpose of repair. The method is simple and effective, but for via impassability, apply copper fracture, such as improper adjustment potentiometer problem is powerless.
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