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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-28
1, the process plan & # 8220; Packaging & # 8221; This STEP by the emphasis in the PCB factory, usually less than process of each STEP, the main reason, on the one hand, of course, because it did not produce additional value, the second aspect is manufacturing in Taiwan for a long time, don't pay attention to the packing of the products may be unable to evaluation of the benefits of that Japan did best. Careful observation Japan some household electronics, daily necessities, food, etc. , even the same function, can let people would rather spend more money to buy goods, Japan it has nothing to do and worship to flatter, but to master the consumer mentality. So special packing to explore, to let the PCB industry know little improvement, there may be a big success. Again, such as Flexible PCB is usually small, and quantity, Japan packaging company, may be especially open mould for the shape of a product packaging container, easy to use and protection. PCB circuit boards of vacuum packing 2, early early way of packing, see table outmoded packing method of shipment, detailed its absence. At present there are still a few small factory is in accordance with these methods to the packing. Domestic PCB factory capacity expansion speed, and mostly export, so the competition is fierce, not only the competition between domestic GeChang, more want to two of the United States and Japan and the former PCB factory competition, in addition to the technical level and quality of the product itself by the customer affirmation, the quality of the packaging more customer satisfaction can only need to do. Almost a bit the size of the electronics factory, now require PCB factory shipment packaging, must pay attention to the following matters, some even directly give shipment packaging specification. 1. Must be vacuum packing; 2. Every lap board in accordance with the size is too small in the number of qualified; 3. Every carton weight limit; 4. Carton pounds specifications as well as the other; 5. Carton inside buy board has special provisions before put buffer; 6. After sealing resistance rate specifications; 7. PE film with bubble cloth ( 空气泡沫板) The specifications of the requirements; 8. Overlapping of the specifications of the PE film coating tightness and keep the rules of the edge width. At present domestic vacuum indiscrete packaging ( 皮肤真空包装) The same, the main difference is only effective work area as well as the degree of automation. 3, vacuum pack ( 皮肤真空包装) Operating A program. Preparation: the PE film is positioning, manual mechanical movement is normal, each set PE membrane heating temperature, suction vacuum time, etc. B。 Stack board: when overlapping board piece of fixed number of the fixed height, must consider how to pile up at this time, can make the output, the largest and most provinces material, here are a few principles: ( 一) Plate and the edge of the lateral distance from also must be at least double the thickness. ( b) Every lap board spacing, regard the specification of the PE membrane ( Thickness) 、( The standard of 0. 2m/m) And USES the heat up to soften the stretch the principle of the vacuum absorption while, covering the board and after bubble cloth paste. The spacing between the general must be at least twice every idea of the total thickness. Too much waste of materials; Is too small, cutting more difficult and very easy to fall off or cannot paste paste. ( c) If the PANEL size is not large, according to the above packing method, the waste of material and manpower. If the number is great, can also be similar soft plate packing mould do container, do PE film shrink packaging. There is another way, but must ask the customer agrees to, leaving no space between each overlapping boards, but separated with cardboard, take the appropriate number of overlapping. Also has under hard paper or corrugated paper to undertake. C。 Activation: A. Press start, PE film after heating, led by pressure box cover down mesa B. Again from the bottom of the vacuum pump suction and close to the circuit board, and bubble cloth paste. C。 Stay heater removed rises after cooling frame. D。 After cut off the PE film, pull open the chassis, every lap cutting D separately. Packing: packing way, if the customer specified, it must be in accordance with the customer packing specification; If the customer is not specified, should also be protection board delivery process and to conclude the principle of the external force damage in the factory the packing specification, matters needing attention, the front mentioned especially the packing of the export products, is must pay special attention to. E. Other precautions: ( 一) Outside the box must be written information, such as the & # 8221; Mouth of wheat head & # 8221; And the material number ( P / N) , bottle, cycle, quantity, and important information. And Made in Taiwan, If exports) With the words. ( b) Enclose the relevant quality certificate, such as slicing, welding report, test records, some of lai test report as well as a variety of customer requirements, in accordance with the specified by the customer, place among them. Packaging is not a door university asked, to do, when can save a lot of trouble for me.
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