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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-25
Details, although simple, presoak just insulation material. Presoak material is a kind of dielectric material, between the two core circuit board or PCB ( Circuit board factory) Between the core and copper foil, in order to provide the required insulation. You can also call it the binding material. Its binding two core or binding core and copper foil. If you can imagine a hamburger, presoak material is between slices of cheese. Bread and ham. Bread and ham can be core or copper foil. Now I'm sure I caught the attention of your. I want to tell you some interesting information about presoak material. Prepregs are special dielectric materials, can be modified according to our needs. Through the combination of certain additives and catalysts, in chemical process, presoak material can be turned into a specific part of the conductive area. This is called selective electrical conductivity. This kind of phenomenon is the purpose of drilling in presoak material to connect the top and bottom, it found that its purpose. Presoak billet material, however, is still the rest of the insulators, and protect circuit board from the effects of short circuit, it is its basic function. Years of research and development has experienced years of choice. The correct presoak materials. Must take into account factors such as material of heat and mechanical compatibility to adapt to the PCB circuit boards, Circuit board factory) Requirements. How to create a presoak material? Presoak expected, as the name implies, is a kind of resin binder impregnation/glass fiber woven cloth. Glass fiber woven together to form glass fabric. The glass fiber braid part dry to form B order material. All presoak material is class B materials. In in material, manufacturing process, it is important to follow the grain direction of materials used, because it allows for material modification according to the requirements. The warp and weft yarn number determines the amount of resin glass fiber can keep. According to the thickness and other requirements, add different types of presoak in PCB circuit board materials. Presoak material standard resin ( SR) , medium resin ( 先生) And the high resin ( HR) Resin content, depending on how they contain. They have the resin content, the more they get the higher costs. This is a form allows you to better understand: presoak material confusion between the core and because of their similarity, people often confused of presoak material and core products. Please allow me to clarify for you. The core is presoak materials and laminated products. Compared with presoak material, it is more hard. The core is made of glass fiber epoxy laminate, FR4 glass fiber board ( Fire retardant agents) Level, with copper. Core is usually made by the core manufacturer, and the company may be hindered to PCB circuit board, Circuit board factory) Responsible for any failure in operation of the material. And as I mentioned earlier, presoak material is made of the same as the core of materials, but in the absence of laminated parts dry and do not like core is rigid. Hope this can eliminate ambiguity. Now, PCB circuit board, Circuit board factory) The thickness of the depends on the type of presoak material used. It is important to note that the required thickness can be a combination of presoak billet material layer. If you want to know what is the layer that is only a thin presoak material stack together. This helps to achieve the desired thickness of the PCB. In addition to PCB circuit boards, presoak material can also be used for aerospace components, auto parts, air-conditioning pipes, machinery, tools, honeycomb and foam board and so on. All in all, presoak material is the core and copper foil glued together in an insulator, help to manufacture solid PCB circuit boards.
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