hong kong rounds up toxic waste

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-13
In order to solve the growing industrial pollution problem in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government began to collect chemical waste and deal with it free of charge.
The waste is planned by the government to a new $0. 167 billion that can handle all kinds of organic and inorganic waste.
Hong Kong releases 2 million tons of untreated waste to coastal waters every day.
In addition to the sewage, the wastewater also includes a range of acid, alkali and industrial solvents-many of which are
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The heavy metal content in coastal areas has reached a critical level.
In Kowloon Bay, some sediment samples were found to contain 8800 mg per kilogram of copper and 9.
6 mg of cadmium.
The amount of copper and copper recommended by the government is 25 mg per kilogram.
4 mg of cadmium.
The consortium, led by US waste management, is building in the center of the Green island Industrial Zone.
Last month, the company began processing 1500 of the sewage from Hong Kong\'s largest waste power plant.
The decision to provide free waste collection and disposal reflects Hong Kong\'s deep concern about the environmental damage caused by so many wastes.
There are so many garbage generators in Hong Kong that it is impossible to dispose of them all.
An environmental consultant working at the plant said free service was the only way to start and run the plant.
But John bokes, assistant director of the territorial environmental protection department, said the government believes polluters should pay for services and expects that the introduction will eventually cover the costs of the ecosystem of the system.
In 1992, the government launched a registration programme to determine where waste was generated.
Any unregistered manufacturer will be subject to high fines and imprisonment for up to six months.
We believe that 100 of the chemical waste generators have been signed up, which is a considerable achievement, Boxall said.
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