Fiber optic circuit board manufacturing method

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-09

The current mobile phone due to the internal core processor speed rapid growth, the components and the external also as core processor efficiency enhancement, also combined with external components specifications to improve. Such as camera module, improves the pixels, and relatively will have to have a large amount of data transmission; LCD display module, improve the LCD display pixels, make the image more detailed and perfect, also have to have a large amount of data transmission. How to solve more than ever, a large amount of data transmission, generally USES the traditional soft circuit board cable data transmission channel number increase, and increase the throughput. In addition, due to the optical fiber is optical signal transmission, optical signal transmission main advantages, is not subject to electromagnetic interference ( EMI) And faster than speed of electric light, so using optical fiber on the data transmission is far many times faster than using copper wire transmission. Fiber optic circuit board for this reason, it is necessary to provide a lower overall height and optical transmission loss of fiber board and fiber optic circuit board manufacturing method. A fiber optic circuit board, including soft base material, the soft base material including base plate and base plate and then described in layer and copper, copper layer described by then described described in the substrate, described in part copper layer is etched away after setting, the soft optical waveguide is used to transmit light signals. A fiber optic circuit board manufacturing method including the steps: provide cutting soft soft base material and base material, the soft base material including substrate and set in the copper layer of substrate; Open hole in the soft base material and it is the hole on the wall of coating; On photosensitive coating after the completion of the soft base material layer; Exposure imaging photosensitive layer to form a bare copper area; Bare copper etching area on the copper layer to form a waveguide area; Remove extra light-sensitive layer; In the area to set soft optical waveguide and waveguide attach insulation layer; The corresponding soft optical waveguide to open the Windows to show soft optical waveguide. Compared with the existing technology, the implementation of the case of fiber optic boards using optical waveguide transmission style to the high speed signal transmission capacity; In addition, soft optical waveguide with soft base material making can reach smaller volume, reduce the cost of photoelectric separation assembly and assembly at the time of the registration problem and reduce the loss of transmission.                                

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