Dongguan PCB proofing processing what are common quality requirement

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-14
Along with the development of science and technology make the circuit board industry segment is more and more obvious, the electronic industry is the most thorough field at present, globalization, marketization, and pursuit of high new technology and low cost is the inevitable trend for the development of electronic industry, only with PCB proofing products of high quality and low cost advantage, dongguan PCB proofing processing level of quality is the quality of the products, is a collection of quality, reputation, responsibility and culture, is our consistent pursuit. When it comes to quality problems, dongguan circuit board factory to discuss the most, double-sided circuit board or 4 layer PCB circuit boards and other high-precision multi-layer PCB quality issue related to the customer experience. All say customer is god, the customer is very concerned about the quality of PCB, so, PCB factory what are common quality requirement? Double module board clients are satisfied about the quality of the PCB processing products, the product is in accordance with customer demand, is the only standard to measure of product quality is good or bad. Printed circuit board is a kind of special electronic accessories products, a client, a model, a kind of board, according to customer special file processing, no generality. When double sided PCB circuit board rejected by order of customers, our double-sided circuit board can only be scrapped, there will be no other clients to accept, but although various PCB circuit patterns, the structure of different size, but also has the generality, generality is the basic requirement. Circuit board factory quality that usually has the following several aspects: ( 1) Appearance requirements: dongguan PCB proofing processing usually required more strictly in terms of appearance, surface appearance requires no pollution, inclusion, no fingerprints and oxidation, in case of affect the weldability, insulation. Resistance welding graphics colour and lustre is consistent, without peeling, printing or offset, oil leakage, in case of affect welding. Edge is bright and clean, no bump or burr, in case of influencing assembly size, insulation. Smooth, no copper wire corrosion, gap, residual copper, in case of affect performance. Clearly mark symbols, not to read, to prevent assembly and maintenance. Surface without scratch scratch, avoid influencing welding assembly and electric properties. Conductor or insulation layer between no blisters, layered, especially multilayer circuit board, avoid influencing mechanical and electric properties. ( 2) Performance requirements: multilayer circuit board with appropriate clearance between conductor setting is a very important and suitable spacing setup can prevent PCB processing product of each flash flipping between the conductor and breakdown, and smoothly through the audit relating to the product safety standards. In the circuit board PCB products industry standards and safety standards, the different working voltage and different applications, and other factors, for the clearance and creepage distance between conductor has different rules. ( 3) Mechanical performance requirements: dongguan PCB requirements before cutting, must be conducted for copper clad baking sheet, make sure the plate moisture volatilize resin curing completely; When cutting in strict accordance with the latitude and longitude in the cutting instructions to operate; Laminated typesetting, open in the direction of the warp/weft PCB board processing, typesetting distinguish good fabric to the first, then carried out in accordance with the latitude and longitude to distinguish the good to typesetting, latitude and longitude guarantee to the consistent, not allowed to adjust cold pressing time, and make record, ensure the plate internal stress released in full, resin cured; High temperature baking character of PCB circuit board, need adjustment according to the size of the board, shelf ChaJia bend, distortion, etc. , are not allowed to board appear when size need to separate different ChaJia baking sheet. ( 4) Environmental resistance and other performance requirements: multilayer circuit board environment resistance, mildew resistance, resistance to wet, steaming, temperature shock resistance and other properties. PCB allegro product quality throughout the course of product form, the formation of PCB version of the product quality and manufacturing process are related. Each circuit board factory should especially pay attention to quality problems, quality is produced, not the inspection. Think of yourself as the last process of consumers, under a process as your customers. Behind every piece of circuit board, there is a group of silent in the quality inspection of the quality assurance personnel, complete quality control system are needed for each circuit board processing factories. 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