death in pressure cookers

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-20
These chilling images show a blast in a crowd in the Boston Marathon bombings, killing three people and injuring at least 176.
The twisted metal shell proves the power of the deadly explosion, which brings horror to the jubilant audience at the finish line of the race.
According to the strength of the debris found on site, investigators said they believed the pressure cooker was used to amplify the explosion.
The photos seem to show a stainless steel cooker with a lab number and the phrase \"gas and electricity\" on it \".
A black padded bag of debris was also found at the scene-which led investigators to believe the bombs were disguised as discarded items.
To make the explosion more lethal, ball bearings and headless nails are placed around the explosives.
Security sources said two daily kitchen appliances were placed on the streets near the finish line of the race.
It is believed that metal fragments and ball bearings were stuffed into one of the six bearings
One liter of cooker while the other one is a nail.
All hidden in black nylon bags.
Investigators say the \"explosion cap\" attached to the pot could have been detonated remotely by an observation assassin who might have used a mobile phone.
This simple but deadly technology is popular along the Afghan border and is being taught to jihadist elements in terrorist camps. Former al-
Al-Qaida warlord Anwar
Awlaki once printed a DIY guide on how to make a bomb with a pressure cooker.
This is the biggest tip so far.
Al-Qaida may have been involved in the attack, which killed three people and injured dozens.
Many picky people
In Monday\'s game
However, the FBI is still exploring the theory that the explosion could be a work far away
Crazy people from America
Police said yesterday that no one has claimed responsibility for the disgusting attack.
But swear to catch them.
FBI agent Richard DesLaurier said: \"We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subject matter responsible for this despicable crime, and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. ”The bombings —
First successful US terrorist attack since 9/11
Veterans who witnessed the massacre described it as worse than the bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Blood stains and debris were still visible on the Fairmont popular science field yesterday, and the first explosion occurred at 2.
Monday afternoon 50-local time-
Only 100 yards from 12 seconds before the second.
Bobby lommack said last night: \"The 12 people I counted were amputees.
I \'ve been in Iraq for nine months and what I saw yesterday made me even more scared.
Blood is raining.
Boston Fire Department Regional Fire Chief Ron Harrington described the accident as the most terrible scene he had ever encountered.
He said: \"It\'s definitely the worst I \'ve ever seen in 28 years.
\"Body and body parts. Blood all over.
A little boy lying on the street
A young woman in her 20 sBoth dead. “It was mayhem.
I saw two people with loose arms, one with no legs.
And meat shoes.
\"At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing,\" police sources added . \"
\"Yesterday, CCTV on the marathon route was being searched by an FBI team of experts.
Near the scene of the explosion, a surveillance video of a man carrying two black backpacks was also being analyzed.
Mr DesLaurier confirmed that the investigators had found black nylon fragments and pieces of ball bearings and nails from bags or backpacks.
The items were sent to the FBI for analysis.
A circuit board was also found that could have been used to detonate a bomb.
The shrapnel removed from the victim by the surgeon was also sent for analysis.
Dr. Ron Wall Brigham, president of emergency medicine at the city\'s Brigham Women\'s Hospital, underwent an amputated operation on the injured limbs yesterday.
\"We moved Carpenter,\" he said.
DingTalk and ball-
Two to 3mm diameter bearings.
\"Other patients had shrapnel injuries on flying objects.
This is something that humans can never prepare.
\"Of the 44 patients in Brigham, 13 have had surgery and 6 are still in critical condition last night.
Terrorists often use pressure cookers
However, this is often overlooked by security forces when searching vehicles. Al-Qaeda’s al-Awlaki —
Killed by an American drone in 2011
Detailed instructions on building a deadly device are provided in his first edition of English
Language horror magazine, published in 2010
On March 2003, four algarles were convicted of planning a pressure cooker bomb attack on the French Christmas market, three of whom admitted training at the Afghan terrorist camp.
President Obama said yesterday that the bombing was a terrorist act.
In his second public statement less than 24 hours after the explosion, he added: \"It is clear that we are at the beginning of the investigation.
Kristoff brouth, professor of international studies at the University of Leeds, said that after the evil attacks in Boston, the FBI was conducting two very different investigations.
One possibility is that they are working on the domestic right wing. wing radicals.
There are two important anniversaries this week: 1995 explosions in the city of orklahe, killing 170 people;
On 1993, the siege of violence in Waco, Texas ended.
Day of attack on April 15-Patriots’ Day —
This is another important date on which Americans must submit their tax returns. Right-
Right-wing extremists see tax as a government theft.
However, these militants often claim to avoid targeting civilians and to focus terror on government employees or agencies.
Another possibility is Islamic extremists.
Both the target and the explosive device point in this direction.
\"Pressure Cooker\" bomb
Similar to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Be skillfully combined together.
That means it could be in the Taliban or al-
Base camp in Pakistan or North Africa
Islamic militants tried to launch a massive attack in American cities.
For example, a car bomb was attempted to detonate in Times Square on May 1, 2010.
It may also be related to the recent conflict with North Korea.
But despite the crazy threat from Kim Jong Un
There has been no evidence in recent weeks that US agents operate in the United States. r. white@the-sun. co.
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